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  1. DMC-81


    Similar to the Model 3, aren't those hubcaps just aero-caps that can be removed to reveal true Alloy wheels? Plus, we haven't seen the production version yet, there might be changes and or there will likely be tire/wheel options available when we configure. If not I'll be going with a package...
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    Tesla Please Do This

    Yeah, to me the Rivian looks like an uninspired new Ford 1/4 ton design. I hate the headlights. They look out of place in an otherwise bland design. In summary: boring. The Cybertruck never appeared ugly to me. Even in the first 2 minutes at the reveal, I didn't think, "wow that's ugly". It...
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    Tesla Please Do This

    That's a nice feel-good video but it was too long and slow moving to keep my attention, and I'm patient. I agree that it is pointless for Tesla to market the Cybertruck given its huge order book. As far as a comparison between the two trucks, this sums it up for me...
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    Ford CEO Calls For More U.S. EV Battery Gigafactories

    This meme bears repeating... They are not laughing now. It seems to me they are scrambling.
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    Cybertruck Horn

    I know, isn't it? LOL I suspect that the video was staged, but as a prank, it cracks me up.
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    Cybertruck Horn

    This one seems to get the job done while adhering to the goal of Tesla being "the leader in apocalypse technology". LOL
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    Study reveals EV secret: They are driven less than gas cars

    I was referring to a longer term study that hasn't been written yet because the post-Covid experience hasn't happened yet. As far as near term monthly sales reports go, yes, used car sales are up as that is what people buy when they need transportation if they can't afford/get approved for a new...
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    Study reveals EV secret: They are driven less than gas cars

    Aside from the gradual ramp up of EVs in the years since 2017, another study that would be worth seeing is the usage of EV and ICE vehicles pre-covid, during, and post-covid. I have seen a sea change to virtual formats (when possible). I know in my situation, vehicle use has dropped...
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    Elon Musk Interview: 1-on-1 with Sandy Munro (Woah!)

    Great interview! There were a lot of interesting discussion points, but the two things that stood out to me are: 1) Elon is aware of, and trying to improve build quality. This is reassuring for the Cybertruck. 2) As a CEO, how deep his knowledge is on many topics about the cars and related...
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    GM to go all EV by 2035

    Love Will Ferrell. Hey "gm", that's pretty forceful for an aspiration. 😏
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    GM to go all EV by 2035

    Agreed. Of course the corporate speak was carefully worded, but an "aspiration" is apparently not what the market/media heard. They heard "all electric...2035" Here's the actual phrase: "In addition to GM’s carbon goals, the company worked with the Environmental Defense Fund to develop a...
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    Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    Sure, but in my opinion, it would be stupid for any of us to accept an amateur, janky assembly line fix from the (far and away) world's most valuable car manufacturer. I get that most of that valuation comes from their innovation and bets on their continued leadership in this vanguard BEV space...
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    GM to go all EV by 2035

    I remember being impressed by the Volt concept in 2007 and waited for it to arrive: ...only to be disappointed at the production version. Even my wife didn't want me to buy it because it wasn't as cool as the concept. Then GM only had one or two Volts per dealership, usually in the back of the...
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    Cybertruck 1:10 Hot Wheels R/C Delayed Until May. First Look at Carrying Case

    I got the email as well for the 1:64 version. To me, it's no biggie... a 4-5 month delay is par for the course in this train wreck of a year. I don't doubt that they will in fact be made.
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    Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    Dear Frank, I don't care if you like it... at all. There's probably in excess of 650,000 fellow people that have reserved one that might agree with me. The sexy Buick that you showed will never be produced. It will join a long list of these concept cars that initially excite the buying public...
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    Cybertruck’s stainless steel supplier to start operations at TX plant by Fall 2021: report

    Interesting information. I wonder if by "redoing" the steel, they mean that Tesla will cold roll the steel in-house after they receive it. If not the steel probably couldn't be delivered on rolls like depicted in the photo (or maybe raw <3mm steel can't be rolled anyway.) If Steel Dynamics will...
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    Oh, it's the picture. Haha. Birds of a feather flock together! I was chatting with the owner of the Model X at a Cars & Coffee show. We decided to park nose to nose, and boy was it a hit with the crowd. The best thing was the matching silver color of the Tesla. Made for a perfect photo op.
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    I don't get it. What's your question?
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    Funeral Mode - no, I’m not joking.

    My condolences on your loss Jeff. Incidentally, my wife's father passed away yesterday evening.😞 Losing a father/father-in-law/grandfather is never easy. Regarding funerals, at least around here, the slow procession and blinking hazard lights are accentuated with little purple flags on the...
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    Who else is excited about Honda’s upcoming BIGGER FRONT GRILL? 🤣

    That may be technically true, and fans of the hatchback segment would know those design nuances, but the casual observer sees them as looking the same. Here is a good visual in the SUV/Crossover market to illustrate my point. If you take away the color and wheel differences, one would have a...