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  1. ReddykwRun

    Tesla TSLA a $1 Trillion Company by End of 2021 & Sell-off Is “Massive buying opportunity,” Says Wedbush

    Glad I stepped back from the roulette table on February 9th when it started getting jiggy on the downslope. Looking to get back into the game after the "dip". Inflation fears are a concern. Will expand the herd after the dust settles.
  2. ReddykwRun

    Cybertruck’s Yoke-Style Steering Wheel Revealed by Way of Model S and X Updated Interiors?!

    Just make sure you are driving slow and in the left lane like the snowbirds that migrate to Florida do each year, fit right in.
  3. ReddykwRun

    Wire Eating Rats

    Green Minty Fresh Rat pellets????? My dog ate a box of crayons once, the yard held the proof. It was funny.
  4. ReddykwRun

    Cybertruck Wireless Charging?

    Interesting note to consider: Look Up: Rebecca (Hough) Tinucci, fomerly with Plugless Power but now working at TESLA in the Global SuperCharging Division. Now employed as Rebecca Tinucci Head of Global Supercharging at Tesla San Francisco, California Prior to moving to Tesla she and her...
  5. ReddykwRun

    Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    De peur que nous oublions qu’il s’agit d’un camion et j’ai l’intention de remorquer des remorques avec elle et ils ne sont pas petits. J’ai besoin de semences clairement et obtenir une image complète avec un miroir RÉEL, pas ces miroirs jouet. Cracher.
  6. ReddykwRun

    Elon Musk scoffs at number of MBAs running corporate America: 'Get out there on the g**damn front line' and 'show employees that you care'

    When I served in the U S Coast Guard we had a C.O. at one of my air station assignments that knew EVERYONE on the hanger deck by their first name, you ask me how he did this, he led by Example, got out of the office every chance he could, handed us wrenches, went flying with us and most...
  7. ReddykwRun

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Dave Ramsey would agree.
  8. ReddykwRun

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Go ask Kathy Wood at ARK Invests, she has a good idea. Hint: A lot more that what it is today that's for sure. I'm good with that.
  9. ReddykwRun

    Elon Musk scoffs at number of MBAs running corporate America: 'Get out there on the g**damn front line' and 'show employees that you care'

    Dec 14, 2020 THE BLAZE Sarah Taylor Elon Isn't shy about expressing his feelings Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, said recently that there are too many business school grads — and not enough innovative entrepreneurs — who are running American companies. The billionaire also said...
  10. ReddykwRun

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Just had another Space Walk on a sharp peak and sold then gaged the dip and bought it back at a lower price per share and added to the holdings. Still have all my change in the Piggy Bank and then some. Cheap thrills at my age and I don't have to worry about getting arrested. :cool:
  11. ReddykwRun

    Programmable Upper Lightbar

    This case was a tail light tragedy, a friend of mine's daughter was killed as a result. She was standing behind her parked car with the parking lights on in a residential neighborhood saying goodbye to her fiancé at night. The drunk sucker drove right into her car, severing her legs and...
  12. ReddykwRun

    Potential Cybertruck Competitor -- The Nikola Badger Pickup, is Dead

    Is this the "smoke and mirrors" automobile start up that had the tent in the Arizona desert that was formerly run by the "jet setter"? This is my surprised face. :eek:
  13. ReddykwRun

    Justify the cost to own

    I have a medium sized wood burner to heat my home in the winter (all two weeks of it). A good return on the dollar. I ran a fresh air line under the slab before we poured the concrete and it is under the stove and out of sight. Made in Finland, I figure them fellas know how to keep warm and...
  14. ReddykwRun

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    It was profitable. Mission Complete. Added shares, heck what do I know I am just a novice but my share count went up this morning silly me. It's all fun and games anyway.
  15. ReddykwRun

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Had an interesting Space Walk, mission complete, now safely back on board and the hatch is secure. :)
  16. ReddykwRun

    Tesla is like In-N-Out

    Same situation here with Chick-fil-A, always packed, inside and out.