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  1. Sirfun

    Did you notice the Cybertruck has built in steps?

    Yes, they look about 5 inches deep. I was thinking that would be perfect for getting to the top of the tires to stand, without a groin pull, like VolklKatana was talking about.
  2. Sirfun

    Did you notice the Cybertruck has built in steps?

    All the time I hear people say the Cybertruck with the slanted sails will make it imposible to reach into the bed from the side of the truck. I just noticed the black areas around the Cybertruck have built in Step points so you can access all around it and into the bed. Even to get to the...
  3. Sirfun

    Morgan Stanley: Tesla losing market share to Ford Mustang Mach-E

    Absolutely agree. They are saying Tesla is "losing" market share to Ford. They are implying Tesla is losing customers to Ford. Totally false. Tesla is increasing sales and Ford which wasn't hardly selling EV's last year, increased their sales also. What's next? They say Ford's increase in EV...
  4. Sirfun

    Morgan Stanley: Tesla losing market share to Ford Mustang Mach-E

    I take this with a grain of salt. So often you have read between the lines on all this media stuff. Yes Tesla lost part of their market share. Duh, Way more EV's were sold then they can produce. Tesla sold all the vehicles they can produce, WITH NO ADVERTISING. Of course Tesla's market share...
  5. Sirfun

    Tesla Please Do This

    Hi Doc Martin, I think you are in the minority, but no worries it's good to hear all opinions. The thing for me is that I watched the Reveal, live over the internet and put in my reserve that night. We are starving for any info on these Cybertrucks and not seeing anything while all the other...
  6. Sirfun

    What I will be getting to mount to my CT

    Thanks for sharing that info. Good to know. Maybe I'll get a little speaker and play some music (not to loud). Riding out in the desert and coastal areas of California, I haven't ran into that problem. A friend of mine did ride up to a Bobcat awhile back.
  7. Sirfun

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I hear ya. The ID Buzz with it's big smiling face would sell in the millions! So why is it that VW, the massive carmaker that it is, doesn't bring it to market? The latest rumor is that they won't be available for sale in the U.S. until 2023. VW has been pumping the public with BUZZ about the ID...
  8. Sirfun

    Another Baja opportunity to see EV platform perform

    I have crossed the US/Mexico border 100's of times and for some reason, a scary thought just came to me in the today. The dreaded Secondary Inspection. When you come back into the US, you have to go through a Border Patrol checkpoint. If the Border Patrol officer feels a need for a more thorough...
  9. Sirfun

    The logical progression of Cybertruck ...a Cyberhouse to go with it!

    I call this house the Cyberhouse. My wife says I've got Cyber overload.
  10. Sirfun

    Tesla is like In-N-Out

    HA, see I told you so! Now Tesla is talking about having vehicles OFF MENU.
  11. Sirfun

    Tesla Please Do This

    Tesla doesn't do advertising and I agree with that. But, I really think they need to add videos like this, to their YouTube channel. KEEP THE STOKE!!!!!!!! I want a Cybertruck and I'm not interested in a Rivian. But Damn this video was SWEET!
  12. Sirfun

    Cybertruck Horn

    That's so bad!:oops: That poor guy about had a heart attack!
  13. Sirfun

    Giga Austin just keeps getting bigger - 2,500 acres w/potential to expand up to 3,500 acres

    For some perspective on how much land that is. 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile = 40 acres. The current building footprint is close to 1/4 mile by 3/4. So that's roughly 120 acres.
  14. Sirfun

    Where I want to drive my Cybertruck - and Thanks Elon for your Vision.

    This looks fun to me. Kinda doubt I'd do it in FSD though.
  15. Sirfun

    Will self drive avoid a crash?

    Totally agree with Crissa. Here's a video with a combo and it's obvious driving in heavy traffic slowly is not difficult. Take notice of later on surface streets with way more things to be aware of.
  16. Sirfun

    Can Tesla Cybertruck Actually Stop Bullets? Technical Analysis by a Firearms Instructor [** NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS **]

    I'm positive that almost everyone on this forum knows/has friends, relatives and neighbors who are against EV's. They are by and large very normal people who just resist CHANGE. It's human nature to resist change. It doesn't help if WE go around preaching about how bad their way of doing things...
  17. Sirfun

    Audi Unveils Its New, Tesla-Fighting Electric Sports Car—And It’s a Stunner

    Style is always subjective. As in, I really like the styling of the Cybertruck. But other people think it's downright ugly. Now, that's Audi looks more stylish than a Model S to me. Isn't she a beauty!