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  1. STUDY: 40% grid energy reduction for NetZero by 2050

    The question of AC vs DC doesn't mean what it used to. Rather than get into any of the details I just mention that my house has solar panels (DC) but that the output from them is 120V AC. This is distributed to LED lights throughout my house. The little chips that actually glow are DC devices...
  2. STUDY: 40% grid energy reduction for NetZero by 2050

    With 6 residential units you will need more than that. My solar winter production covers 20% of my electric bill (house is heated with geotermal) whereas in the summer it covers all my electric needs (A/C by the same Geo system). Yes, it does but I'm doing it anyway because the building is...
  3. STUDY: 40% grid energy reduction for NetZero by 2050

    It is not 100% clear to me what "it" is (call me Bill Clinton) but I assume "it" is carbon neutral electricity. I'd say that the 3 main reasons it's not affordable now are storage, storage and storage. if you do a few calculations on what a carbon neutral grid isolated system would look like...
  4. Lordstown Endurance eTruck Catches Fire

    The relevant statistic is the number of fires per million miles driven.. Which was the Ford with the engine in the back that fell out when the mileage got over x miles? It had the "popsocle stick shifter" lever on the dash,
  5. EV's - Self Charge as Wheel turns

    The work that charges this trucks batteries came from whatever geologic force it was that pushed up the mountain,
  6. Lordstown Endurance eTruck Catches Fire

    As it was a test vehicle I don't even know if the NTSB would have to be notified. If it happened to a production vehicle in service that would be a different matter.
  7. Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Isn't there a genre called "Cyber Punk'? Wouldn't that be appropriate?
  8. Cybertruck is the Moneyball of the Truck Market

    Yes, I'm right here. What can i do for you?
  9. Lordstown Endurance eTruck Catches Fire

    Oops. Well that's what testing is for. Hasn't effected the after hours price of the stock. Yet.
  10. Get a tri-motor or wait another year?

    Putting that together with does it not seem likely that of two models the one that uses more batteries will go on the back burner? This is what newer companies, including Tesla, do in order to get cash for expansion and it is what Tesla did with the first Roadster. But Tesla is no longer a new...
  11. Get a tri-motor or wait another year?

    I'm not so sure about that. Elon has alluded to battery supply limitations. He wants to get the Semi and Roadster rolling and has hinted that battery supply may be holding them back. The TriMotor is going to require substantially more battery than the AWD. I expect their main goal is to get some...
  12. EV's - Self Charge as Wheel turns

    I was going to until No. 14 popped up. If you work for an anvil company at the top of a mountain and your job is to deliver to dealers in the valley then no, you don't use more energy going up the hill than you get back going down. But, of course, that's hardly a normal situation. Taking your...
  13. Cybertruck’s Yoke-Style Steering Wheel Revealed by Way of Model S and X Updated Interiors?!

    Ah. You missed the part about your little visit to Neuralink before you take delivery.
  14. Elon is a workaholic and only dreams of leisure

    Workaholics don't dream of leisure. They dream of the things they are working on. Leisure drives them nuts.
  15. CyberTruck's technology is exponentially over and beyond both Model S and X says research analyst after Fremont visit

    Stumbled on this shortly after the announcement of the S and X refresh,
  16. Cybertruck’s Yoke-Style Steering Wheel Revealed by Way of Model S and X Updated Interiors?!

    You guys are going to laugh (and please, feel free) but I really miss the days when the front panel of a piece of electronics looked like that.
  17. Will CyberTruck get the Yoke Steering

    Oh no, no. This is WAGing at it's most Wild. Sorry, I thought I was in the thread on this subject on the Rivian forum where someone pointed out that you couldn't really do hand over hand manipulations with a yoke and the discussion went quickly to different "gearing" ratios and whether it would...
  18. Will CyberTruck get the Yoke Steering

    That one I'm not too crazy about. There will have to be some way to over ride - perhaps via the touch screen. Yes, I have but have learned to handle this. Keep in mind here that as this is a yoke it wont turn far enough to put the controls on the "wrong" side. The left wheel will always be...
  19. How many are getting the solar option

    This is discussed at length here and elsewhere to the point where a quick, simple answer may be hard to find. Your CT will come with a UMC (Universal Mobile Charger). They used to ship it with a several adapters for different outlets typed but have gotten cheap recently and only supply the...
  20. EV's - Self Charge as Wheel turns

    As posed in OP's statement it surely looks as if he is suggesting one but perhaps it can be interpreted in some way such that "over unity" is not implied. I can't. Want to give it a shot? When one sees a phrase like that it is often accompanied by an investment opportunity offer or an...