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  1. shocker

    Tesla Cybertruck’s Structure Will Be Unique, According to Sandy Munro

    Who'd have guessed body on frame is the best way to build a pickup truck?:unsure: Since the terafactory has a paintshop needed to build the Y, they might as well ditch the expensive SS and go high strength steel with paint. Line-X the bed for durability and Bob's your uncle. Just having some fun...
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    BART Director Janice Li on Tesla head honcho: 'F-k Elon Musk'

    I used BART extensively in the early 80's (Walnut Creek to Berkeley commute) when I lived in CA. Anything changed since then?
  3. shocker

    What's the deal with side view mirrors?

    In my experience, they don't. It's the side windows that need snow/frost clearing.
  4. shocker

    What's the deal with side view mirrors?

    I live in an area where it rains and/or snows, at least one time every week. Based on my experiences with cameras getting obscured by various forms of precipitation and road residues (salt and dirt) I'd want mirrors.
  5. shocker

    Cybertruck design & engineering complete. First deliveries still this year.

    Negligible effect. The truck market is what, 3 million a year? GM and Ford will have EV pickups around 2024 so there's a narrow window for Tesla and "the others" to establish their presence. As Sandy Munro points out, brand loyalty is "unbelievable" among truck owners. Me? I'm more agnostic...
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    If the parts I can see look like ****, what about the parts I can't see? The ones that affect reliability, durability, and function?
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    What's your realistic "worst case scenario" for CT range/efficiency concerns?

    A drayman's coat from the early 20th century. Just the thing for EV passengers North of the Mason Dixon Line.
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    What's your realistic "worst case scenario" for CT range/efficiency concerns?

    Here's a real life scenario: A drive from Oshkosh WI to Mackinaw City, MI (actually going South beyond that but that's the challenging segment). Assume I charged to 100% the evening before. Truck sits outside overnight at -12 F. Depart NB on US 41, 70 mph highway. No snow that day and the...
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    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    Just watched Sandy Munro say it's not a worry about crashed megacastings being difficult and expensive to repair, because these days insurance companies will total any vehicle when there's damage to the primary structure.
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    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    Speaking as somewhat of a panel beater myself, you can't/don't hide defects with paint. Also, it's easier to hide defects on a curved surface than a flat one. OTOH, Sandy Munro said Jeep owners scratch and dent their $50,000 rigs and don't GAS. A patched up CT will show that it was used for it's...
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    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Bending 12mm (0.472441”) inox sheet.<br>📱<a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; World of Engineering (@engineers_feed) <a href="">November...
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    Cybertruck in parking spots - A measured example

    Easy solution to the CT too big problem. Taken at the Getty Museum parking structure. A CT is at least as cool and special as a Bentley, no?
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    Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    Same reason Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses with inadequate closet space. Form over function.
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    Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    A truck interior is like a mobile office to many so storage capacity and utility is a big selling point. The Ram would make any closet organizer proud. Plus I need a lockable compartment to hold some of my "tools" let us say.
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    Top Secret Video from Cybertruck Guy

    Re: grades of stainless steel. 301 or 302 would be logical choice for CT except Tesla is unique among automakers in doing it's own metallurgy. No surprise if 30X is the proprietary alloy from Space X - the more you buy, the cheaper it gets till the magic X ingredient runs out.
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    Long Range 2-motor?

    I'd love a big battery option on the dual motor. I need range much more than sub 3 sec. 0-60. TFL did a video on towing with the X. After watching that my sense is combining heavy, unaerodynamic, and distance means 150 kwh or more. Unless you want to spend your vacation time driving 20 mph...
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    Build Your Cybertruck With Our 3D Configurator Visualization Tool

    My area is in the midst of a 500 year flood because of a dam breach. Ultra ground (water) clearance and floats, sign me up! Somehow the camo look really works on this vehicle. I might go with the crazy dazzle scheme of WWI.
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    Elon Musk and Grimes welcome a baby boy

    Who names their kid X Æ A-12 ??? Why not Mars? Mars Musk, I like that.
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    Elon dying to make Cybertruck like yesterday! Will delivery be accelerated...

    I'm wondering about when reservation #5XXXX might get delivery. Last time I checked, Tesla hasn't decided where they are going to build the factory. I'm not inclined to wait till 2024, I'll be 70 years old then, gasp. Got a note from GMC today that while the Hummer reveal on May 20 has been...