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  1. CyberCop

    If Tesla started a 'Halo' brand Co. Would you invest.

    If they militarized the cybertruck and it had stock available I would be all in...
  2. CyberCop

    Tesla Cybertruck warthog would be a ‘dream collab’ for Xbox executive

    OMG, so cool. I could mount my 1919 in the back. Also would make a great platform for hog hunting here in Texas.
  3. CyberCop

    Who here plans on NOT babying their Cybertruck and will use it for heavy work?

    Daily driver, will not baby this truck but drive it like I do my 3500 Silverado HD.
  4. CyberCop

    Cabin space or bed space? Which would you keep?

    Have to go with bed space, after all it is a truck 🛻
  5. CyberCop

    Programmable Upper Lightbar

    One of the things I’d really like to see on my new cyber truck is the ability to program the upper light bar with different configurations. Such as the ability to turn it from a white front light to a amber front light similar to the lights that are on top of trucks currently. It could also be...
  6. CyberCop

    Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    Considering I live an hour and a half away from Austin I’ll be taking the bus with my wife to pick up ours and then driving the long way home.
  7. CyberCop

    If you have the cash, should you buy or lease?

    Buy it outright, if for some reason within 2 years you don’t like it or there are advancements on a current model but not available on the original then sell it and get the newer model. With the demand this truck has it should be easy to sell for almost full price. In my years of buying and...
  8. CyberCop

    Puncture-proof airless tire I remember these back in the day and thought it was a great idea. I would like to see the latest version of these and would definitely consider for the CT
  9. CyberCop

    Washable floor?

    No Carpets just a floor mat is what I prefer. Non slip removable and easy to clean. Its a truck.....
  10. CyberCop

    Satellite based wireless charging

    I’m waiting for the development of transparent solar panels to be used as windshields, windows and roofs. It wouldn’t be a lot of charging power but it would help. I know I know it’s not practical but it sure would be cool.
  11. CyberCop


    And welcome to the forum Jim...
  12. CyberCop


    I bought 3 shares just to be able to say I’m a stock holder In Tesla. 🤪
  13. CyberCop

    Converting Tesla Semi into a Recreational Vehicle.

    And if there is a folding system on top to double the solar array you could conceivably double the range.
  14. CyberCop

    Converting Tesla Semi into a Recreational Vehicle.

    I have no doubt electric RV’s are in our immediate future. There is a lot of real estate on top of a RV and with current and developing technology in solar panels, batteries and to include advancements in efficient appliances we can see an all electric Motorhome in the not to distant future. I...
  15. CyberCop

    Is a Cyber line of Tesla vehicles on the horizon?

    I’m in that same boat, lost 1k
  16. CyberCop

    Solar DC input for charging Cybertruck from trailer panels

    😳 OMG, I’m so confused 😐 So glad we have brainiacs in this club so I can get my questions answered. Just make the answers in pictures please.
  17. CyberCop

    Vehicle Safety - Emergency Exit in Case of Electrical Failure

    Not concerned about opening door from the inside as all Teslas have mechanical override latches. My concern would be if the batteries were completely dead and I needed to get inside. I assume you would have to plug in somewhere to get a small charge to get the doors open. hopefully your...
  18. CyberCop

    Norway Super Charger V3 Trailer Friendly

    I would hope this is the way Tesla will create superchargers in the future. Otherwise it would be a real pain in the rear to charge with a trailer or rv.
  19. CyberCop

    Solar DC input for charging Cybertruck from trailer panels

    I’m pretty sure a trailer will be available not only with solar panels but with a battery pack under the floor to provide longer distances and energy for camping.
  20. CyberCop

    How will the CT Robotaxis charge themselves?

    Will be like my I robot roomba. It will back up into a special charging bay and self charge. Just my crazy idea 🤪