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  1. CyberOwl

    First principles pondering

    Number 2. Reason is scarcity. Electricity is common. Plus, a supercharger next door has surprisingly little utility. Unless you live in a commercial space. And then, the value lays only with the captive audience, not the joules.
  2. CyberOwl

    First principles pondering

    Great conversation! I'm a hydrogen freak, with a hydrogen fetish. It's 100% part of our sustainable energy future, no question. The new 'metallic sponge' storage technologies are absolute game changers, which the gen pop has yet to wrap their heads around. The wonderful thing about H is it...
  3. CyberOwl

    How many powerwalls will fit in vault?

    Zero Powerwalls One Powerpack
  4. CyberOwl

    Cybertruck Horn

    Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Translation - YouTube
  5. CyberOwl

    Mattracks on CyberTruck?

    I was checking out the Mattracks a few weeks ago... Seemed like it'd be fun to set up a FSD chairlift... Kinda like these guys...Pacific Crest Snowcats - The Best Kept Secret in Tahoe ... Then I saw the price... $10k per corner! yikes!
  6. CyberOwl

    Who would commit a down payment today?

    There are a lot of people who wish they could pay to get to the front of the line. You're not alone.
  7. CyberOwl

    Cyberturck Updates: Why do you think Elon is doing this...?

    I think he would reveal more, but his handlers at Tesla want to maintain a competitive edge and delay being out-spec-ed.
  8. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available

    Seems like a lot of the gateways are in random out of the way areas, maybe security? Keep in mind, those yellow dots will be almost as important to early users as the satellites themselves. You need to be inside a circle that is also occupied by a yellow dot to get service (for now). In Big Sur...
  9. CyberOwl

    But How...?

    I dunno, I'm no expert, but I would guess any large cylinder under the truck is an air tank for the mac daddy air-suspension coming on the CT. I think Sandy Munroe mentioned it during the Y teardown video, referring to it as a can, and pointing to where it would likely be on the CT.
  10. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available

    I got it, just wanted to make sure near the poles still meant near the poles. We aren't even in the arctic circle yet. The first truly polar batch recently launched and are currently maneuvering into position, they are equipped with the fancy lazeerbeams. Eventually the whole earth will be...
  11. CyberOwl

    But How...?

    Nothing is stored under the rear seat. Nowhere does it show or claim this.
  12. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available

    Nothing going on at the poles yet Live Starlink Satellite Map
  13. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available

    Check out the StarLink app. Augmented reality lets you check for obstructions.
  14. CyberOwl

    Cybertruck Crash Test Predictions

    I'm worried about shear force transfer during a crash. If it's made structural, the battery casing will be subject to massive forces, and will need to be designed to break away before breaking open.
  15. CyberOwl

    Retractable Studded Tires

    Q Branch already invented those tires... I think they're in 'The Living Daylights" I had a set of 255 Blizzaks on my V8 Audi, that thing ran doughnuts around my 2dr. Tahoe w/35 12.50 mudders. Winter specific tires are unbeatable in the snow. When I was in Roveniemi I caught a vintage rally...
  16. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available

    I guess I fell into the beta hole, never heard anything from them. Randomly went on to check their site, and found it accepting orders. I believe it just went live today. My interpretation is this marks the end of beta. (?)
  17. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available Live Starlink Satellite Map
  18. CyberOwl

    Bear proof camping vault?

    Just plug in an electric fence. Sleep tight.
  19. CyberOwl

    Elon Musk Interview: 1-on-1 with Sandy Munro (Woah!)

    Cybertruck takeaways... Number one...Avoid the ramp! Skip paint, source of fit/finish issues Expect amazing seats FSD is mind blowing FSD primary objective don't crash/don't get tricked Single piece casting...eventually(maybe) Shear transfer, cell becomes structural Polar moment of inertia, big...
  20. CyberOwl

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy (Official Video) - YouTube