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  1. What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    That would be excellent! Just run air conditioning through the frunk with the option to have AC go nowhere else. That way you won’t freeze the cabin or drain the battery just to keep your food cold.
  2. 9 Cybertruck 'Tidbits' We learned about in 4Q Conference Call (Video)

    How can Cybertrucktruck guy be so low-key and detailed, yet so exciting? It’s because he’s so low-key and detailed that he’s exciting. When he blows your mind, he’s already carefully laid out his case and, here, graphed his assumptions and speculation. So sit back, relax, and get excited by...
  3. Mice rats and wiring

    😁 excellent double entendre!
  4. Mice rats and wiring

    Could the new rigid wiring harnesses be designed to resist chewing? Insulation needs to be soft and pliable because human assemblers bend it around the vehicle. Rigid harnesses don’t require soft and pliable because robots don’t need or want to bend them. What rigid covering won’t rats or mice...
  5. Window Tint off-road.

    That would be a fantastic option! If 2 windows cost $1400 aftermarket, then maybe $5000 factory for all the windows? Most useful when sleeping in RV park or busy areas. Also useful when very sunny to shield all but windshield and driver window (CA prohibits tinting there, probably to protect...