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  1. NOT A GOOD WAY TO START THE YEAR! 7K-10k?? (with no changes)

    Well we never actually got a Canadian price at time of order. So I guess that the site did say say the self driving will stay at $9100 Canadian in November of 2019. It I was just converting from USD American pricing for the actual truck....So I guess we will see next year( or later this...
  2. NOT A GOOD WAY TO START THE YEAR! 7K-10k?? (with no changes)

    In Canada and I never got a price on my preorder. I just assumed that the full self driving price would be locked at the time of the preorder.... now I am wondering is that was a good assumption to make....
  3. Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    I think right now we still don’t know the actual range. 300+ miles for the dual motor... what if it’s 399 miles...? Just saying there will be more info to come... hard to make that judgement call until we have the final specs I have both a single and dual on order... really can afford the...
  4. Fast Charging Problem?

    just curious. Why you think it will be worse than model x in power consumption. From what I hear the weight may not be more and I can’t imagine it would be that bad from aerodynamic drag alone?
  5. Tesla Texas Factory Building Permits Reveal Square Footage Size, Layout & More

    Hahaha. I never noticed the tulips. Damn they must be 30feet tall- maybe those are Texas tulips!
  6. Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    I am looking forward to seeing production version in person .. now they just need to get a factory built....