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  1. rodmacpherson

    Trailer brake assist

    No one but Elon and the Cybertruck team knows that answer yet.
  2. rodmacpherson

    How many powerwalls will fit in vault?

    Sorry Crissa, I think you are the one who has that backwards, Your math is for a 400kWh battery and a 450kW charger more charge = less time that is why you ended up with 54 minutes. ajdelange's math was for a 450kWh battery and a 400kW charge so he ended up a little over an hour.
  3. rodmacpherson

    Elon Musk Was Just in the Studio and Says Final Cybertruck Design is Looking 👌

    It' s like a home theater without the convenience of home, but with better popcorn.
  4. rodmacpherson

    Who would commit a down payment today?

    This far ahead of delivery (I'm a Single motor reservation, so it'll be a while) I'd also want to sit in one at least in a showroom, if not test drive one.
  5. rodmacpherson

    Maybe I shouldn't wait for the CT anymore.

    More importantly, we kind of suck at living under water.
  6. rodmacpherson

    Chart: Which countries have the most electric cars?

    Iceland is a little bit of a surprise to me. When I visited a few years ago they had amazing infrastructure with L3 chargers well spaced out along the main highways in places that were easy to find and very visible, and parking garages offering outlets for L2 if no pernmanent L2 was installed...
  7. rodmacpherson

    Study reveals EV secret: They are driven less than gas cars

    I can think of several reasons that I'm not surprised by this result. - many 2 car families have replaced the less used commuter car with a shorter range EV - many people for whom the shorter range EVs fit their lifestyle it was BECAUSE they drive fewer miles in a year than the people who...
  8. rodmacpherson

    My Cybertruck pop-up roof tent design

    You use the L tracks. That is what they are there for.
  9. rodmacpherson

    Cybertruck premium audio

    I recall hearing Elon say (perhaps in the Rogan interview?) That they hired audio engineers from B&O to do the sound systems in the 3 and Y.
  10. rodmacpherson

    Engineering Explained: If Gas cars are banned, Can The Grid Handle Electric Cars?

    It is cheap, but it isn't built yet. It will take some time to get there.
  11. rodmacpherson

    Tesla connectors coming to over 600 EVgo electric vehicle charging station

    The more the merrier. If we don't get a North American standard plug (be that CCS 1 or Tesla) I do hope charging networks start running both plugs (the same as how most non-Tesla least around me... have Chademo and CCS) Chademo we all know is a dying standard, so if newer chargers...
  12. rodmacpherson

    Tesla Cybertruck’s Structure Will Be Unique, According to Sandy Munro

    Even just by looking at that photo comparison you can tell the Rivian bed is at least a foot shorter. I don't know how that is a better truck for hauling lumber. At least with the Cybertruck or standard F150 you can drop the tailgate and a 4x8 sheet of plywood or average 2x4 wouldn't hang out...
  13. rodmacpherson

    But How...?

    This would seem to be the simplest way to implement the cover.
  14. rodmacpherson

    Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    ok, For what it's worth I ordered a Single motor. My needs are more cargo space than the Chevy Volt and has to be electric. My wife and I like to camp and our Winter Trekking gear takes up the back seat plus a bag on the roof racks. Summer gear is more compact, but it'd be nice to take another...
  15. rodmacpherson

    Why Startups (and Tesla) Will Struggle with Electric Pick Ups

    If Wikipedia's numbers are right, GM only has to sell 55,000 Hummer EVs next year to be able to brag that the 2022 Hummer EV is the best selling Hummer ever, and I'm sure that is their whole strategy. Do a stunt, showing you can make a manly, mean looking truck with decent specs as an EV then...
  16. rodmacpherson

    Why Startups (and Tesla) Will Struggle with Electric Pick Ups

    Wow, that is a bit of an understatement. Shall we look at prior years sales of Hummers from the first 3 generations? Hummer H1 Yearly production[source: Wikipedia] Model year Total production 1992 316 1993 612 1994 718 1995 1,432 1996 1,374 1997 1,209 1998 945 1999 831 2000...
  17. rodmacpherson

    Charge sharing service-it's a million dollar idea

    Not exactly what you have in mind, but where I work there are 2 free chargepoint Level 2 stations across the street, and 6(soon to be 12) Flo Level 2 stations next door to our building. The free stations of course are always taken, but the others are $1.50/hour. For the folks with slower...
  18. rodmacpherson

    Cybertruck design & engineering complete. First deliveries still this year.

    I have been having the same thoughts ever since they first started to hint that the undercarriage might be cast. Why does everyone assume if it is cast it is aluminum? the 2 most commonly cast metals are iron and stainless steel...
  19. rodmacpherson

    If a full size AND mid size Cybertruck were available, what size would you order?

    I don't need a full size truck, but it all depends on the price. If the smaller one was cheaper I'd certainly look at it. I have no plans to park it in a garage or parallel park it very often, everywhere I park regularly has plenty of space for a truck, so I really don't know, but since I'm not...