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  1. I am not a truck guy, but i want the Cybertruck....should I get it?

    The $100 is refundable and you should be able to see and test drive a CT by 2023 or earlier. That means that if you decide not to buy one you will be out the interest you could have earned on the $100. Big deal, ten dollars or so. What you will gain if you decide to buy is getting your CT...
  2. Screaming into the Cyber void

    What is a markup error?
  3. VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    I would like a flyover of the employee parking areas ( I think there are 2). That would enable us to get an idea of the number of workers at a given time. Those of us who are more familiar with big construction projects might be able to make educated guesses at a bunch of things.
  4. You get one question answered

    If the long range two motor CT is not $1500 cheaper I guess I will go with the 3 motor. I don't need the acceleration of the 3 motor or any fancier trim but a guy has to think of resale.
  5. Dual CT running on one motor

    So if you are off road and a motor fails you will be fine with being able to move the car a few feet and then have it shut down all travel. I think even the most rabid off roaders would rather be able to drive (back up) to a point where they were near water, close to a road, in the shade or...
  6. Don't Know Where This Belongs

    I watched the most recent footage and tried to get a count of workers. I got up to 50 or so and then realized that an accurate count was impossible because the area is so big and people are in motion, in machinery , in holes and otherwise out of sight. I did notice a couple of parking areas...
  7. Noise pollution drop off

    Lower frequency sounds "travel" a little better than higher pitched sounds. An EV would probably make a lot less low frequency noise than an ICE would make so at a reasonable distance from a highway the difference would be significant. The change to EVs will be gradual but as it happens the...
  8. What will it typically cost to recharge a dual motor at a Tesla charging station?

    Where I live in flyover country, the marginal cost of retail electricity is more like 7.5¢ per kWh, or 3.75¢ per mile (guesstimated) for energy. I figure driving the CT will be like buying diesel for $.80 a gallon!
  9. Justify the cost to own

    Gas and diesel will not be under $2 a gallon forever. Electricity may go up in price but solar is always an option to keep costs the same. I have a 2001 Dodge diesel pickup that is in pretty good shape. It only has 107K on it but it is rusting out pretty badly. I will sell it as soon as I...
  10. Carpool to Texas?

    Elio was going to pick you up at the airport. Of course, Elio was going to produce a vehicle too.
  11. Cybertruck Insurance Cost: Factors to Consider

    I hope this thread is still up when our CTs start arriving. I got a lot to think about just in this post alone.
  12. Cybertruck Options - When?

    A tailgate that incorporates a built in ramp. Or possibly a tilt bed for loading and unloading. B Rick. Won't the CT already have these two things? It won't have a tilt bed but the whole truck can sorta squat down.
  13. Powering your home with the Cyber Truck

    I have a device on my electric meter that allows me to plug in my propane generator. I have a 1000 gallon propane tank and I don't allow it to fall below 400 gallons. I think I can plug the 240 outlet on the CT into the house without backfeeding the grid. When I am not using the A/C I use...
  14. Elon Musk and Paul Elio

    I am sure many of those who are interested in a CT are familiar with Paul Elio and his effort to produce a 3 wheeled 2 passenger autocycle. It would get around 84 MPG and cost under $10,00. What could a partnership between Elio and Musk produce. Using the same general design as the current...
  15. Crowdsource camper design for Cybertruck

    I use my truck as a truck and I am concerned about stuff that gets into the bed either accidentally or on purpose finding its way into the cab. Ashes, trash, firewood, rain, snow and other things might cause problems. I also think that if a person slept over night in the close d vault moisture...