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  1. Fast Charging Problem?

    A CT is going to require 400 - 500 Wh/mi. Tesla's biggest charger is 250 kW. That means charging rates of at best 500 - 625 miles per hour added at a SC (before taper cuts in) implying 24 - 30 minutes to replenish 250 miles. EA's biggest chargers are 350 kW meaning that were they compatible...
  2. Robo Taxi - When?

    It is widely supposed that one will be able to put his CT into Robo Taxi Service and thus recoup some or all of the cost of purchasing it. I am curious as to what peoples' expectation are as to how soon the technology and regulatory approvals necessary to make this possible will be available...
  3. Cybertruck and Rivian Reservations?

    Got curious as to how many of us who reserved the CT also had a reservation for a Rivian. In addition to doing the poll tell us what you intend to do (e.g. keep both, keep the one you like best ...) if so inclined