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  1. Cybergirl

    Anyone Decide Not to Install PowerShare?

    I got a quote from an electrician today to install the PowerShare Gateway and UWC in the amount of $3165. It's a relatively easy whole house backup installation with everything installed on the exterior of the house. I'm debating whether to proceed with the installation or not. There reasons...
  2. Cybergirl

    1900 Mile Road Trip Report - Arizona to Illinois

    I completed a 1900 mile road trip yesterday from Arizona to Illinois in my Cybertruck FS AWD. My overall efficiency came to 432 Wh/mile driving an average of 70 mph between charging stops under mostly good driving conditions. My total Supercharging costs came to $284.01 for 821 kWh...
  3. Cybergirl

    Not able to charge CT from 120Vac generator

    I can't charge my Cybertruck from the 30A TT-30 outlet on my 120Vac generator (Westinghouse iGen4500DF). I'm able to do so on my Model Y with the same setup. I use a TT-30 to 14-50 adapter with my Tesla Mobile Charger. Everything looks good until it starts pulling amps and quickly stops...
  4. Cybergirl

    Packing up for a 3-day off-road camping adventure

    Packing up the Cybertruck for a three day camping and off-road adventure in Arizona's Tonto National Forest. Here’s a complete list of what we are taking on this trip: Traction boards and shovel Bottle jack, lug wrench, tread and sidewall repair kits Air compressor & air down valves and...
  5. Cybergirl

    Vault vent for sleeping

    I'm going off-roading in the Tonto National Forest next week with three overnight camping stays planned. Since flies and mosquitoes are likely to be a problem with water nearby (Roosevelt and Apache lakes), I needed a way to ventilate the vault when sleeping to keep the CO2 level down. I made...
  6. Cybergirl

    My Cybertruck at Swansea Townsite - Photo by Arizona Trek Overland

    On my recent off-road trip to the Swansea abandoned mining site, I ran into a group of off-roaders from Phoenix led by Brandon from Arizona Trek Overland ( Nice group of enthusiasts who were very enthused to learn about Cybertruck.
  7. Cybergirl

    Took my Cybertruck on Sedona's Outlaw Trail for Offroading and Camping -- Photos & Lessons Learned

    It's classified "Moderate", but for a newbie off-roader like me it felt worse. The 11.2 mile loop included some steep rocky sections that put me to the test. The recent rains left muddy water filled holes all along the trail. Almost every vehicle on the trail was a UTV (Razors). Needless to...
  8. Cybergirl

    My Starlink Antenna Custom Mount With Suction Cups

    I have the original Starlink Dishy McFlatface (the round one) that I want to use to connect to the internet in the back country. I have a Starlink Mobile subscription that I will 'Unpause' for 30 days when I go off road. It costs $150/month, but I can pause it when I don't need it. I modified...
  9. Cybergirl

    Cybertruck Light Show

    :love: For those who haven't seen it. Of course it's more impressive in person.
  10. Cybergirl

    1st Off-Road trip in my Cybertruck - Takeaways & Experience

    Last weekend I took my new CT AWD on an off-road trip to the Swansea, AZ mining ghost town 30 miles west of Parker, AZ. The total mileage round trip from Lake Havasu City was 140 miles, 40 miles was rocky dirt roads/trails. I left with a 90% charge and returned home with 34% for a trip average...
  11. Cybergirl

    Vault Bed Heat Pump Build (Heating & Cooling) 🥵🥶

    Instead removing the rear window of my Cybertruck, and relying on cabin HVAC Camp Mode to heat/cool the vault for sleeping, I designed and built separate means of heating and cooling the vault using a BougeRV 2900 BTU heat pump resting on a Lexan panel inserted in the CT's tonneau cover tracks...
  12. Cybergirl

    Cleaning inside of windshield -- using window cleaning mop with long handle

    Cleaning the inside of the CT's windshield can be a challenge being as deeply recessed as it is. I improvised by wrapping a couple of micro fiber cloths around a window cleaning mop on a longish handle, held on by a couple of sprint clips. I spray Windex on the cloth and go to work. Any other...
  13. Cybergirl

    Cybertruck bed mattress solution - EXPED 72"x25.6"x3" air mattresses + BougeRV 2900 BTU heat pump

    I spent some time looking for an air mattress that fits the CT's bed which is 73" long and 51" wide. I didn't find anything. Luno makes a good air mattress for Tesla vehicles, but not for the Cybertruck as yet. Their 6 foot long truck bed mattress has wheel well cut outs which I didn't like...
  14. Cybergirl

    High Battery Vampire Drain

    I've notice that the battery charge on my CT is dropping a lot faster than I experience on my Model Y. Last night I charged to 50% finishing at midnight before going to bed. At 6 AM this morning the SOC was down to 48%, a loss of 1/3 % per hour or approx 0.4 kWh/hour. Sentry Mode is off, as is...
  15. Cybergirl

    Sir Lance - My Knight in Shining Armor

    All cleaned up with BKF and Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine. Now to get a pair of white driving gloves like Japanese chauffeurs wear.
  16. Cybergirl

    Why Are You Buying a Cybertruck?

    I've been asked why I bought a Cybertruck. I have a Tesla Model Y as a daily driver with FSD, the Cybertruck barely fits in my garage, and there are other options for the utility of a pickup. It's a reasonable question. I plan to use my CT as an adventure vehicle to experience America's off...
  17. Cybergirl

    Removing / venting rear window to cool/heat vault for DIY camp mode?

    I want to remove the rear window on my Cybertruck so that there's a way to cool the vault from the cabin HVAC (Camping Mode). It would also provide a pass-through from the vault to the cabin that would be useful when sleeping in the vault. I examined the way Tesla mounted the glass panel and...
  18. Cybergirl

    Painting your Cybertruck

    This sounds like heresy, but is anyone planning to paint their Cybertruck? I'm not talking about wrapping with vinyl or PPF, but with good old fashioned primer and acrylic overcoats. Granted, it's an almost permanent process, so not to be undertaken lightly, but there are advantages to...