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  1. Crissa

    BYD's Shark slated for Mexico production

    We've heard about this before, but there was a launch event and video. It's said they'll begin deliveries within two to three years. -Crissa
  2. Crissa

    What was your first sighting/experience in the wild?

    I saw my first Cybertruck in the wild today. I was coming out of the movies, putting on my helmet and one rolled up and past. Had a cute white lab with their head out the back window. Was very quiet! Unfortunately, my camera wasn't running. The truck was a touch dirty and looked so normal...
  3. Crissa

    Interesting: NACS enabled v3 supercharger can be numbered like a v2

    Probably already known by some but going to make tracking the installs more difficult: NACS compatible v3 superchargers can look like and be numbered like v2 superchargers! (Stolen shamelessly from a Peter D on Discord.) Always interesting when Tesla makes Teslawatching more complex. -Crissa
  4. Crissa

    About that aero cover / tire damage... "Take them off!"

    Wow, that's some serious damage. I guess the aero cover being softer didn't help. Tesla will fix it, good on them being proactive. -Crissa
  5. Crissa

    Pretty sure these VR-FSD videos are faked

    The weird cuts, the lack of seeing the 'other' camera in the shot... ...The fact that Cybertrucks only have TACC currently... And anyone wearing a headset like this would be straight up arrested. Supposedly some guy is driving his Cybertruck with the Apple Vision Pro and FSD. -Crissa
  6. Crissa

    Station runs out of petrol/diesel but not electrons! Kinda obvious, I suppose ^-^ -Crissa
  7. Crissa

    Teardown of Model 3 LFP pack

    Some interesting numbers here: -Crissa
  8. Crissa

    Foundation Series! Will You Wait?

    We assume they've sent out thousands of offers, and haven't yet filled out how many trucks they expect to finish by March. Let's see how that has shaken out compared to worries. There's no great way to cross-tab this, so I'm trying to keep it simple. You can change your answers at any time...
  9. Crissa

    Would you be willing to give up 4" of headroom for more range?

    One of the things rumored about the original Cybertruck design is that it would have a double-layer battery in the long-range configuration. That's become more clear that it really was part of the original design, since they're missing the target by almost half! So, where would you put it...
  10. Crissa

    Have you updated your address recently?

    I realized with the discussion today that my address seems to have been lost on my Tesla Account. So I added it back in. I have ordered things, so I know it was there before, but I am not sure when it got lost. People without addresses are being skipped. That seems certain. Don't know if...
  11. Crissa

    Would you buy the Cybertruck if your number came up in the next month?

    Given that we have some prices now, and the rebate is going to come upfront next month... @Scott Beall suggested it. So let's poll! I know my situation has changed, but also, the price is higher than I can pay. I can only hope it comes down drastically. -Crissa
  12. Crissa

    Copycats already! Video uses CGI to put Tesla into video, clickbait article claims... "Could" is not "plans to", Mr Choudhury. Ugh. -Crissa
  13. Crissa

    Cybertruck's Starbase visit is now on a metal print... I don't know if you guys are interested in this sort of thing, but an NSF photographer got a very nice shot and put it in their print shop. -Crissa
  14. Crissa

    4680 Model Y pulled from US pre-order

    Interestingly - since just Wednesday I checked and - the 4680 Model Y has been seemingly removed from the design studio. Either this means they know how to make the 4680 in the Long Range version or something's up as they ready the factory... -Crissa
  15. Crissa

    Tesla Universal Wall Connector now has Magic Dock! This is pretty cool, and deals with compatibility with J-plugs in the box. I'm tempted to buy it. -Crissa
  16. Crissa

    Charging networks won't be solved by NACS

    Reliability, cable weight, and the CCS protocol still are bugs to be worked out before the charging woes will be cleaned up. And perhaps more frustrating, that means even the Supercharger network is also going to have teething issues as they adapt to being compatible with more vehicles. Having...
  17. Crissa

    Cyber cell is ready; no more range anxiety.

    The 'Cyber cell' is ready and meeting expectations. This is what they said on the earnings call. So... No more worrying about how they're going to reach 500 miles of range; they know the answer, even if we don't. Okay? -Crissa
  18. Crissa

    Solar trailer event Sounds kinda interesting! I love me a little pop-up event. Solar and electric trailers often are a topic around here... -Crissa
  19. Crissa

    Would you still buy the Cybertruck if it goes up in price by $10K?

    We've had this argument a dozen times. Raising the price by $10K is only 14% for the Tri Motor, but it's 20% for the Dual. 3/Y prices are back to what they were when the Cybertruck was released. Performance would be the 500 mile range version, Standard would be the 300 mile one. So... Let's...