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  1. hridge2020

    What’s in your Cybertruck car kit?

    Stash 12 volt battery to open frunk in case of power outage so you can apply power to vehicle.
  2. hridge2020

    First add to the truck!

    I like my option... Its my custom build DIY... Plus -- more of even flat surface -- no twisting of ankle in the channels
  3. hridge2020

    Rear metal undercarriage piece missing bolts and hanging down

    Mine are there -- My knowledge of this happening in Manufature is: Either this was handed off to the next employee during shift change, or the employee was hurry to to go home or get lunch prior to completing the task properly.
  4. hridge2020

    Tow hook threads are exposed

    I got some 21 mm silicone caps that I ordered. Prior to getting them installed after delivery, we had some rain in my area. I found some rain water already pooled in the threads. I extracted the water, air dried the threads and applied some moisture clear coat on them prior to installing the...
  5. hridge2020

    Cybertruck / CyberBeast Lifestyle & Apparel Items!

    Had this made 4 years ago..
  6. hridge2020

    Gap in bedliner

    You might want to or have service see if the attachment bolts are fully seated or if something is lodge on that panel cover that prevents it from seating properly.
  7. hridge2020

    Seat covers Dash Mat from Cover King

    Lol seat covers are vented to allow flow read their site
  8. hridge2020

    Seat covers Dash Mat from Cover King

    Have passenger seat cover installed to see comparison to stock seat. Dash cover just installed, will flatten more from heat.
  9. hridge2020

    ELECFRESH | Seeking Input & Give Away | The Cybertruck Running Board

    Mild black anodized metal (to help prevent gravel road debris) grip type firm footing areas. Match flow of Cyber truck design. I would try.
  10. hridge2020

    Watch the Accelerator Pedal Recall Fix being done live

    From the install video as attached, I see metal shavings while being drilled from the decorative pedal being shown, but no black plastic shavings from the actual pedal mechanism. Leads to believe the pop rivet is not doing what it's suppose to be held securely. If an individual that had this...
  11. hridge2020

    Accelerator pedal fix by Tesla Service Center (photo)

    Well if they used a blind/pop type rivet. Hope they used a backup washer on the upset side (which is the mushroom expanded side) this allows for more surface area for securing. See below example.
  12. hridge2020

    Air Suspension backup connector Issue

    I noticed that the backup air suspension connector located behind the passenger side rear wheel had no dust/debris cap. There's dust caps for air stem valves on tires, dust caps to refill your freon connector and dust caps for your brake cylinder bleeder valves. Why not for the Air suspension...
  13. hridge2020

    Forward camera took a hit from road debris... any lens protector available?

    Yes thought of that already, the curvature of the lense doesn't allow it. I would suggest a molded lense cap.
  14. hridge2020

    Clear matte PPF install issues

    First clean and wipe. Clean again with clay bar and solution and wipe. Do an application with citrus type solution and wipe. Do one last clean possible alcohol/water mixture and wipe. Bamm