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  1. HONK! Horn sound?

    Has anyone posted the sound of the horn? Please don't let it be a Toyota Corolla sound. Elon, it HAS to be 10X that. Half of a train horn is good.
  2. Sound system reviews?

    Thoroughly impressed with Tesla sound systems having had a 2021, 2022, and 2023 Y. The configuration shown looks to be even better. Let's hear from reviewers on songs like "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter.
  3. Tax credit

    If you buy 2 Model 3's or Y's in January, can you qualify for $15,000 in tax credit? Or 3 them, $22,500 in tax credits?
  4. Gas prices

    My electric rate is 9.3 cents/kwh. So 20% to 80% of the model Y battery is $4.19. (Don't let it get too low, nor too high for daily driving.) This works out to about 195 e-mpg compared to gas. My first year was free at superchargers on a promotion Tesla was doing at the end of 2020. I only...
  5. CT vs. Dodge Ram TRX

    Payload: 966 lbs. Towing: 8,100 lbs. HP: 702 MPG: 12 (probably 9 in reality, not kidding.) Requires premium fuel. Range: 33 gal. x 9 = 297 miles Torque: 650 ft-lbs. Ground clearance: 11.8 in. Weight: 6,866 lbs. 0-60: 3.7 s Cost: Around $92k in reviews I've seen. Resale: Probably $53k after...
  6. Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    Anybody who has thought about it for 5 seconds KNOWS that these will be destroyed by any curb. They will be completely destroyed churning in sand or mud. They will be completely destroyed by rocks when off-roading in the first 5 minutes. For an "indestructible" truck, obvious weaknesses have...
  7. Battery Cycles

    When they say a battery pack will last 2k, 3k or 4,000 cycles, does that mean each time you plug in and charge for even 10 miles counts as a cycle? What about a solar panel on the roof? Does each day count as a cycle and contribute to degradation more than it would help?
  8. Wheels

    Hopefully, there will be more choices for wheels. When you watch the Jay Leno's garage episode on the Cybertruck, and stop at the 30.5 second mark, the wheels (maybe hubcaps) stick out far enough past the tire that if spinning in sand or mud, the finish would quickly be marred. This also...