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  1. Gonna SMOKE Tesla? Let's see. Gotta love the advancements in batteries AND the fact that I am not compulsively obsessed with Tesla. Awwwwww shucks, sorry all -- hehehe.
  2. Cybertruck Insurance Premium Cost?

    Glad I am sufficiently higher in line that all the quirks will be, hopefully, worked out. Keep us apprised of what problems arise and how they were worked out. Hehehehe
  3. Will Robo-dogs start showing up at Giga Austin?

    Should have Elon heads on them. Or have robotic security guards that are Elon life-likes. ??
  4. Good roll up vid of changes / tweaks since launch...

    I can see how others would want "handleless" doors. I would still want door handles. Codes, thumb print, finger not my choice. But let's see.
  5. Are we thinking there will be a re-shuffle of orders?

    No complaints "SIR" - just stating facts of how I will shuffle out of this nonsense, and which will shuffle the numerical standing for others, if things change contrary to what "ME WANTS"! Last I looked I am NOT in your "Section/Facility" ergo opinions can be stated here and FREELY...
  6. When will Tesla raise prices on the CT?

    Inflation is evident everywhere, except on those things people rarely buy. More money chasing less goods is inflation ( another way is goods cost more or the currency loses its purchasing power) and the Central Banks are going BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in an unprecedented feverish pitch...
  7. Portable Charging units

    No, WHY would one haul around a "charging trailer" when you can MAKE the vehicle a STAND ALONE mega station with 30-60-80 times the Kw's. If you want to haul around 1-2-3 trailers, go ahead! You may be "on to something". ? During some ice storms farmers lost power and ( considering water is...
  8. Tesla branded as ‘arrogant’ in China as pressure mounts on the electric car maker

    The question is what was the "speed"? If a sign says "50km max" then 50.1 km or more IS speeding. Plus, being handed data "30 mins before the crash" doesn't do anything, ya want the data seconds before and AT the time of the crash. I knew someone who would "apply the brakes to see how the...
  9. Portable Charging units

    Looks clunky, but I think Elon will developed a fleet of Trucks ( CT style or a tow truck concept ) with FSD or human driving that will be a massive battery (a CT with 6-800+ Kw [maybe even 1200-2000 Kw] ) solely to fulfill that need. But we will see.
  10. Fiery deaths?

    "That Frankenstein guy is a bit of a nut...". ONLY on days that end in Y. ??
  11. Fiery deaths?

    "...potential glitch...": Currently "Consumer Reports" found they could "easily" get a 2020 Tesla Model Y to drive "even with no one in the driver's seat". Now this resides on whether 1) did he have "autopilot" 2) did he overcome Autopilot 3) was it a European vehicle wherein the steering wheel...
  12. Fiery deaths?

    Lets GET BETTER and learn so that these off the wall actions can be eliminated. All parties must come together to resolve this potential glitch To use the Coroners Motto " We Speak for the Dead to Protect the Living". PEACE.
  13. Fiery deaths?

    A lot of conflicting info. Currently "Consumer Reports" found they could "easily" get a 2020 Tesla Model Y to drive "even with no one in the driver's seat". Hopefully all bugs and such will be worked out. I would also like to know the speed the car was travelling. Always room for...
  14. What is this in the CyberTruck bed?

    Punch-outs or markings for a hitch of some capacity (5th wheel...).
  15. Consumer Interest in Tesla Cybertruck Stronger Than GMC Hummer EV and F-150 EV, According to Study

    The Hummer doesn't do it for me. I have owned various trucks/cars ( propane powered and gas) but never an EV. The interest in the CT is intriguing but will those with interest get one? Let's see. I still contend that vehicle prices WILL increase because of inflation (money "printing"...
  16. Will Dual Motor Cybertruck Have 4680 Cells?

    Not using 4680 cells, unless its a definite upgrade, will sway my decision. As more and more toys are being researched and built those factors will also influence my decision. My standing is quite high and I forecast delivery (when my number is up) to be 3-5, possibly even 6 years from...
  17. Fiery deaths?

    "god" Elon needs to accept both the good and bad from the company he oversees. If he doesn't want to be SINGLED/CALLED OUT then he should stop yapping up a storm about all the " great virtues" he claims to bring. Fame/noteriety is a two-way street, accept both accolades and condemnations and...
  18. Fiery deaths?

    Well, you are correct, bad to assume. With new technologies ongoing, the safety features needed seem to be lacking. Good point. This may ignite a harder push for Fire Dept's to GET WITH THE TIMES!
  19. Fiery deaths?

    I think YES, EVERY Fire Department is trained in handling EV fires, or else every one is malfeasantly INCOMPETENT! One in front "passenger seat", the other in "back seat". There is a video on YUCKtube wherein an individual is videoing some of the aftermath. From his perspective the distance...
  20. Fiery deaths?

    "Two dead in Tesla crash in Texas that was believed to be driverless". Took the Fire Department about/over 4 hours to put the fire out! WAY WAY WAY too long to put a car, any vehicle fire out! Roasted alive? Why Elon?????