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  1. Sentry Mode - can't view recordings. Software glitch?

    All of a sudden, I can't view my sentry mode recordings on the screen. It's locked up (i.e., frozen) and I can't get to any of the new recordings or any of the existing ones. I re-formatted the Tesla USB stick using the format on the CT, but that didn't help. Any ideas on how to reset the sentry...
  2. South Florida - Fischer Electric PowerShare & UWC Install

    Has anyone in the South Florida area received a quote from Fischer Electric for the PowerShare and Wall Charger install? And if so, have you had the work done. They first reached out to me when I got my CT and weeks ago I sent them pictures they requested so they prepare a quote. But I haven't...
  3. PSA: Don't take your Cybertruck to a Tesla Supercharger . . .

    Don't take your Cybertruck to a Tesla Supercharger UNLESS you are ready to be treated like a celebrity! Took my CT to Supercharger for the first time today and was absolutely bombarded by all the other Tesla owners wanting to see the truck and ask questions. Being one of the first CTs in South...
  4. 5 Cybertrucks in Fort Myers, FL Waiting for Delivery

    I couldn't get a picture, but I was driving by the Tesla center today (2/25) in Fort Myers, FL and they had 5 Cybertrucks parked in the lot. Hope some of them are for fellow forum members. Was a little surprised to see them in the open the way they had them parked clearly visible.
  5. Just got VIN - South Florida, Ordered 12/19

    Woke up to fantastic news. VIN issued. Ordered FS AWD on 12/19. Day One Res No. 11274
  6. South Florida Orders

    If anyone in the South Florida area wants to track our orders separately rather than constantly checking the master order tracking list (Cybertruck SUBMITTED ORDERS Tracking List & Stats), thought we could post here. Ordered 12/19/23 FS AWD Est. Delivery Jan-Mar 2024 Western Broward County