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  1. Why so much negative Cybertruck posts & news today?

    Flop!! Let's hope that 2 years from now all will be better!!! And my CT will be at the announced price and more problems free.
  2. 📊 Our Cybertruck Submitted Orders Stats (From 500+ Submissions)

    Are the sales a flop, after the number of reservations? Prices need to go down!!!
  3. "BEAST MODE" Confirmed! 🦾

    Can't wait to try it!!! Really? So many better ways to use the money!!
  4. Bulletproof window option announcement on Thursday?

    What was a major feature during the release, now is an option! 🤡
  5. Cybertruck assets appear in source code

    With all this amazing data, people are asking for measuring tape!!!!! By now it should be possible to have CT's dimensions by */32".
  6. Elon reveals Cybertruck details / production expectations on Q3 2023 call

    Any mass production item, that expects to have a competitive price, the first units (months) will lose money. Nothing new here!!
  7. What if the BAW windshield wiper is removable?

    I can't see the rationale for removing a safety feature, but it should be a bolt/nut wait!!!!
  8. Cybertruck spotted today 9/13 showing awesome build quality & fitment

    Yes, this one looks nice from the outside, let's see the inside and how "intelligent" it will be!!
  9. Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    What we can see here is just a walk in the park!! Nothing that a sedan can't do and probably better! Still not impressed with the suspension performance!! Most probably the self-leveling system needs better control. I'm happy that I'm not on the top of the list!!!
  10. First Cybertruck delivered to Canada will be at....

    It can be! They know from where they received more orders and the firsts.
  11. First Cybertruck delivered to Canada will be at....

    I was thinking more about a statement against the oil industry. In Ontario would be also a statement against the auto industry (GM, Ford, Stellantis, Toyota, ..., VW)
  12. First Cybertruck delivered to Canada will be at....

    Where it will be delivered first? BC - Incentives, fuel prices, market Quebec - Incentives Ontario - Possible bigger market, Auto Industry Alberta - Tesla statement Other
  13. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Rushing assembly and not caring about detail (bolt cover)! Another reason for expecting the orifinal price.
  14. New peek at Cybertruck in general assembly at Giga Texas Factory 🫣 [8/24/23 photo]

    That I don't know! What I see is that the look of the bottom dash and the glovebox just looks cheap. Any care on the design and assembly. That or an OSB sheet would be the same! Being that one would be a "wooded" one!! :):):) Probably it was designed and assembled by the original Top Gear crew!