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  1. Gonna SMOKE Tesla? Let's see. Gotta love the advancements in batteries AND the fact that I am not compulsively obsessed with Tesla. Awwwwww shucks, sorry all -- hehehe.
  2. Fiery deaths?

    "Two dead in Tesla crash in Texas that was believed to be driverless". Took the Fire Department about/over 4 hours to put the fire out! WAY WAY WAY too long to put a car, any vehicle fire out! Roasted alive? Why Elon?????
  3. Double billing?

    "Tesla double-charged some customers for new cars, leaving them desperate for refund details" CNBC No wonder they were "profitable last year" and "sold" half a million cars. HEHEHEHEHE ??
  4. AMBRI: Liquid Metal Battery.

    From what I understand this battery CANNOT overheat, cannot be adversely affected by a short circuit ( or cannot be short circuited) if tipped sideways or upside down the battery self discharges and goes to a solid and all one needs to do is pass an electrical current through it to get it back...
  5. [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] "White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure"

    Bout time EV's pay their fair/ANY share of road tax. Lets "save da planet". Hence, tax, tax again and tax some more!
  6. "FSD, autopilot" or driver error?

    "NHTSA investigating 'violent' Tesla crash into semi that left 2 critically injured."
  7. CNBC article.

    "The National Transportation Safety Board is calling on its sister agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to impose stricter standards on automated vehicle tech. "The NTSB is using Tesla as an example, stating that it’s using customers to beta test “Full Self Driving,” a...
  8. Malls

    Tesla, Electrify America, Rivian... should snap up some strategically located America wide shopping mall parking lots ( heck many are bankrupt, sitting empty, good pavement and have a good electrical set-up to start ) and put in charging stations that offer various speeds. But Tesla with the...
  9. This is with 7.2 Kw storage.

    "Some Texans use 2021 Ford F-150 hybrid pickup trucks to power homes amid winter storm" Now the CT can REIGN bigly in situations like this.
  10. Tesla is under scrutiny by regulators in China over battery fires, unexpected acceleration, and more

    "Tesla is under scrutiny by regulators in China over battery fires, unexpected acceleration, and more" from Electrek and Fred Lambert. Hopefully this doesnt happen with the CT, but heck I am far enough away from the beginning that the "bugs" will be non-existent.
  11. Songs & Playlists for Cybertruck

    What songs would you play while rippin around in the CT? I have a bunch but the 2 I would really enjoy would be "Ride like the wind" by Christopher Cross and "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynard.
  12. Price threat...possibly. Stainless steel price

    Stainless steel has gone up about 50% ( not 400 %, as i inaccurately stated priorly) and we know commodities can be cyclical and demand driven, amongst other things. Ergo, would higher CT prices stop you from buying, drive you down the motor scale ( i.e 3 to 2 or 2 to 1) or "ta hell with it...
  13. Rumor or fact - Tesla will be making 4680 cells at Giga Texas?

    Tesla will be making 4680 cells at Giga Texas. Stay tuned.
  14. Charging speeds

    StoreDot One Step Closer to Eliminating EV Charging & Range Anxiety with Launch of First Ever ‘5-Minute Charge’ Li-ion Battery Samples Milestone announcement proves the commercial viability of StoreDot’s extreme fast charging battery technology utilizing nano-scale...
  15. Electroluminescent Light

    Tho illegal-at least I think- one could do some fancy-ass designs using Electroluminescent Light. Sure make the CT a night time show in areas, deserts, the bush....
  16. Survival Drone

    Tho it never happened to me and I have heard it happen to another, and that is a hunter who parked his truck and wasnt able to find it for quite some time - either days or weeks later as the logging roads and their little off-shoots looked "the same". Now why he never "tagged" trees with spray...
  17. Charging differences?

    I have noticed, as well as those who use chargers and upload those videos, that there is about an 8-10Kw difference in what a charger displays as output and what the vehicle displays on input AND I noticed phones when used also show a 3rd difference. Anyone know what could be causing such a...
  18. possible comparisons of EV's in cold.

    Bjorn Nyland has some good videos on Evs and their range in cold to very cold weather. May help some who have a couple questions, then again the technology may advance such that these videos become obsolete in 1 year.
  19. "Kill switch"

    In the event that ones EV is "stolen/hijacked..." What type of kill switch would y'all be lookin at installing - whether store bought - or "home made"? I know some would want to keep their home made kill switches close to their chests, and I repect that. And is it possible after one jailbroke...
  20. Possible?

    I just read about "Cyboinverter" something wherein one can use 4 or eight panels and generate some energy to recharge ones EV. The IQ8, by enphase, was supposed to be released by now and do the same functions but.... It wont be long whereby a company will develop similar stuff that...