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  1. New Car and Driver review: Cybertruck (CyberBeast) is a practical machine in an improbable wrapper. It's the quickest truck we've ever tested.

    I love the ford bots in the comment section. Cracks me up reading all the negative comments. It’s like CNN allowed comments again.
  2. 47 vs 48 amps??

    Anyone notice their wall charge drop from 48A to 47A max. I was testing it today post delivery to see my max out time (currently 3 hours from 200mi to the 318 max) but with less than an hour left it dropped me to 47A max, and voltage on my meter reads 242 this is reading less. 3ga wire, 60A breaker
  3. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    And I got it! Three days VIN to delivery. No rivet needed! Fixed in manufacturing
  4. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    Update got a call today. They delivered closer to me in Mechanicsburg Service Center. Rolled right up. Processing paperwork and will take delivery today!
  5. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    I promised and update. Called today as i am awaiting a delivery date since they gave me an FS VIN. I asked if they had the record of last week’s call and they did. While he said it was “no problem” and likely wanted to drive fomo up with the delivery expected later, the person today said he just...
  6. Auto high beam lights don’t recognize CT rear bar

    If you live in cental PA and there was some a$$ in a Mercedes GLS that kept flashing their high beams… on your way to get ice cream tonight I am sorry. My auto high beams, It seams, do no recognize the rear light bar off the CT at night. This has me a bit concerned given I pick mine up next week...
  7. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    i got a vin the day after I put in the change… tbd on the outcome
  8. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    That is the way it looks. No delivery date just a vin.
  9. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    Called the number on the manage order link
  10. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    Well *}+k. They got me. Called today to update and confirm for the thread, low and behold… got a vin starting delivery. No proof my call did anything,I certainly was losing hope and the anxiety alone was killing me since I already offloaded a car. Seems odd to me that the day after I jumped the...
  11. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    No, it will. be the order like the rest of all non-foundation orders done instead of FS from the sound of it. I’ll update you once they finish the ticket.
  12. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    Well after the price drops and value assessment of what Foundation AWD had to offer, plus the additional 6k to install my “free power share” (I already have a wall charger), I called today and changed my configuration to non foundation. It was no problem, and they will adjust the config and...
  13. Cyberquad?? anyone

    Has anyone been able to get the quad? Can’t find anything that talks about it or if you can actually buy it.
  14. Insurance cost / quotes / premiums for Cybertruck -- what's yours? 💲

    Yes, most of us are hear because we can afford this foundation rip off (imo, bit still getting it). That said what are people seeing for insurance cost State to state. Looking to save as much as possible. My current est is 600-1000 6/mo Delivery expected Feb-Mar