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  1. JD@T3Cyber

    Cybertruck Spotted in the Wild!

    I spotted my 1st Cybertruck in the wild yesterday, in the very early morning hours on I 05 just North of Ft. Pierce, FL What made my day even more special was I received my Cyberbeer and Cybermugs at my house yesterday afternoon. Great coincidence, both helped me have a much better day! Has...
  2. JD@T3Cyber

    Kayak rack for Cybertruck?

    Has anyone spotted a Kayak in a Cybertruck yet? I'd like to know if I will be able to just put it in the bed and open the tailgate and secure it that way or if Tesla will make a rack or extension for the tailgate in order to haul something longer. I'm still holding out on a ramp too, even if...
  3. JD@T3Cyber

    Is Cybertruck stainless steel body magnetic?

    Hi fellow Cybertruck fans/reservation holders. Does anyone know if the Cybertruck is going to be magnetic? In other words will Magnets cling to the sides/rear of the Cybertruck? If anyone has seen 1 in person has anyone thought of seeing if a magnet sticks to it? I have some ideas of...