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  1. Cybertruck engineer: things we learned with Cybertruck in Baja and will bring via OTA

    It wasn't too much of a drop in the road. This is disturbing for the off-roading aspect. How much does a new windshield cost?
  2. Early delivery of Foundation Series Cybertruck now available to long-term verified TSLA shareholder!

    Ha, me too. Went all in 2 years ago with 400 shares then when share price was about $108, bought 20 more with the dregs of my account. Just happened to be 420 shares, not a drug reference at all.
  3. Cybertruck new shoes

    Why does the "can't clear a pencil eraser without ripping off $24,000 worth of body panels" seem cool?
  4. Kardashian Series Cybertruck

    Don't underestimate or dis this much exposure by someone famous. Probably 100,000's of orders by the folks who had no idea that there was a Cybertruck. Wait until Taylor Swift drives one. No advertising campaign can do as well.
  5. HONK! Horn sound?

    I am quite satisfied with how commanding the Y horn sounds. It seems like the outside vehicle speaker is contributing a lot more due to OTA updates than it used to. It would be great turned up even louder.
  6. The Best/Worst Has happened

    Update us on how long before the order page disappears.
  7. Delivered Cybertruck Foundation Series - Detailed Look Inside & Out

    Not one of those will fit. There will be aftermarket companies build ONE that fits with exact dimensions.
  8. Delivered Cybertruck Foundation Series - Detailed Look Inside & Out

    Unlike a window, that the driver can easily see what is going on in the vehicle before pushing the button, snowflakes would immediately file a lawsuit based upon poor design. My kid: OUCH!! Me: I could not see my kid, I was at the rear of the truck. MSM: Tesla almost killed a kid! (Posted...
  9. Delivered Cybertruck Foundation Series - Detailed Look Inside & Out

    Can't have someone stick their arm or head through, and then the tonneau cover button gets pushed, whether inside or outside. Think about this disaster.
  10. Rumor: Foundation Series Expanded to 20,000 Units (Claims Phone Customer Service Rep)

    Watching the "electric viking" channel on YouTube a bit ago, he said Tesla has averaged 10,000 new orders per day since the delivery event. So, may be awhile for those looking for healthy discounts.
  11. First Cybertruck crash accident -- head on collision w/ Toyota Corolla

    The sheriff is getting his picture with the truck. Not a scratch on it, weird huh.
  12. Camp Mode -- heated bed / vault?

    In the Willy Wonka saga, as long as the bed accommodates both sets of grandparents sleeping in the same bed for 40 years with their feet in each other's faces, it should be fine. Don't forget a 20 ft. hole in the roof that little Charlie had to deal with.
  13. 85+ Cybertrucks spotted today 12/22 at Giga factory

    Saw my first Cybertruck at a charger in Texas today. Metal license plate on the rear said, "Texas Manufacturer" with stickers that expired Sept. 2023.
  14. POLL: Would you pick up your CT delivery at GigaAustin if given an option in the future?

    It doesn't seem reasonable, but maybe factories are "required" (by whom?) to collect destination delivery fees, even if they had to drive it 20 feet. I think a lot of people would avoid the $2k fee if they could drive away directly from the factory. It may be nothing but a money grab in those...
  15. Top speed limited

    3 times in Arkansas and 6 times in Texas at 150 mph. Yes, it does not even feel like it is being pushed at all. Normal cars put up a lot of drama over 110 mph.
  16. Top speed limited

    I have had the model Y at 159 mph, nailed at 158 mph for quite a while in Oklahoma, then I knew I hit the holy grail of Y performance.