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  1. Dirt Worker

    Foundation Series is like the "Fast Pass" at Disneyland

    You want on the ride before all of the people who waited in line? Sure but, your'e going to pay for it. I just received my invite to order the Foundation and like many of us, the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under me. Understandably, a company's goal is to profit. A good company has...
  2. Dirt Worker

    DIY Vinyl Wrapping. The Cybertruck was made for it. Albeit not on purpose.

    I predicted three things upon the reveal of the CT four years ago. 1. They would get rid of the hubcaps (wrong). They would make the mirrors removable and it would come with an optional color wrap (Henry Ford would be proud). For $1000.00 300 square ft. of 3M 2080 top tier wrap can be purchased...
  3. Dirt Worker

    Quad Motor the best off road/snow vehicle of all time

    The challenge in snowy conditions is the balance of power to each wheel. Positraction, locking differentials and automated traction control help but have drawbacks. Tight turns in high traction areas with Posi and/or diff lock will cause the vehicle to hop and strain or break components...
  4. Dirt Worker

    Etu, Honda?

    honda-e-n-suv-concept-2-1592x896.jpeg Tesla_Cybertruck-03.jpeg A Familiar Design from Honda. Some are not big fans of the Cybertruck design and are the same people who were relegated to the bigger Crayons in the eight pack and bullied lunch money, gave wedgies (or received too many). I don't...
  5. Dirt Worker

    Just received Cybertruck(ish)

    I imagined it being so much bigger. And I was worried about it fitting in the garage. I purchased from Amazon for my grand daughter. I wonder if Tesla will put a stop on sales. Pretty sure it's not a licensed product.:sneaky:
  6. Dirt Worker

    Will the CT be the most influential vehicle of the 21st Century

    In 1999 the five most influential vehicles of the 20th century were selected. Ford model T, Morris Mini, Citroen DS, VW Beetle, Porsche 911. The assembly line, Unibody, disk brakes, aerodynamics, active suspension and countless other innovations were introduced in these iconic cars. Who will...
  7. Dirt Worker

    Anxiously waiting like a kid at the mailbox.

    I just celebrated my 60th birthday. As a kid I used to read comic books and gaze at the amazing ads that showed x-ray glasses, jet powered cars, your own private submarine and army men. I would fill out the card, insert my hard earned berry picking money in the envelope and mail it and wait...
  8. Dirt Worker

    Does anyone else hope the funky hubcaps / wheel covers aren't in the final design?

    As handsome and rugged as the CT wheel covers look they do hang out there a bit and it's a sure bet that these will be the first things to get ripped off. For off roading and narrow bridge crossing these will end up as litter each time a rock or guard rail comes into contact. As wide as it is...