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  1. Multi Tesla (and now Cybertruck) owner review - including off road modes

    Thanks for sharing more insights. I'm also expecting what you just mentioned. Cayenne cornering is going to be much better, but CT acceleration and ride experience might be more fun. Yeah I agree. I have test driven several luxury cars. When I test drove Porsche, I fell head over heels on how...
  2. Multi Tesla (and now Cybertruck) owner review - including off road modes

    Great review! Thanks for sharing. How’s the body roll compared to Cayenne? One of the most important reasons I drive Cayenne is the way it handles the corners. I would love to hear from CT owners on how the body roll stacks against Cayenne.
  3. 😅 I Regret Not Buying a CyberBEAST | Owner Reacts

    Most people who drive fast sports cars/motorcycles don’t do track days, and it never gets old to have lightning acceleration even at stop and go traffic or freeway ramps. I’m saying this with good amount of experience on both regular roads and track days. Fast cars are not meant for only track...
  4. Doug Demuro Reviews Cybertruck: This Is Just Plain Cool

    I hear you! CT has created an entire new segment of users as it represents the best of many worlds, and as you said it’s the ultimate Swiss Army knife. These reviewers don’t have a good name for it. They just end up giving an abstract name that can be overloaded with whatever viewers want to...
  5. My Cybertruck experience after 2 Weeks, +6400 Miles and over-landing adventure in Utah

    Love everything you are doing and sharing. 🥰 I hope Tesla comes up with some accessories to install Star link on the roof, or even better, a factory installed Starlink roof for the CT. That’ll be epic. 😎
  6. MKBHD Reviews Cybertruck... AGAIN!

    IMO, reviews are literally individual’s perspectives, like the classic example of half glass full/empty. One could go on for days saying glass is half full, and that’s the best thing ever, and other could go on and say it’s 50% empty, and that’s the worst thing ever. Both are 100% right in terms...
  7. MKBHD Reviews Cybertruck... AGAIN!

    Thanks for sharing. 6 mins into the video and the first three things that are highlighted - rust, panel gaps, and massive expensive wiper blade!! CT is so polarizing that content creators absolutely have to say trivial negative things to make the video viral. High highs and low lows. Classic...
  8. Cybertruck Jumped In Sand, Much Damage

    Yeah that’s a valid concern. As Tesla engineers were able to reproduce the problem first hand, I’m sure they will root cause the weak point.
  9. Cybertruck Jumped In Sand, Much Damage

    Exactly! Just like jumping flat in a pool from 10 feet high. That hurts! Landing on a surface flat is different from nose diving. Checkout the screenshot I shared earlier. CT took a direct hit at the front. I don’t think Ford would have been any better in this situation. Look, if you are...
  10. Cybertruck Jumped In Sand, Much Damage

    Exactly! Physics and terrain completely different. Bring us the video of CT jumping the exact terrain, and we’ll talk.
  11. Cybertruck Jumped In Sand, Much Damage

    Tesla engineers had a similar thing recently. I hope they will account for it in the next iteration. Was that a jump higher than 4' in a truck weighing 7 tons moving greater than 25 mph? I don't know whether I can call that a moderate jump TBH. 🤷‍♂️ Looks more like a crash test rather than a...
  12. I Made a Mistake by Lowering My Cybertruck w/ Lowering Links

    Clicks, clicks, and clicks. Does that click?:ROFLMAO:
  13. CyberBeast delivery & my review after 200+ miles

    Very nice! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you see a noticeable difference in the acceleration between Beast mode and comfort or any other mode?
  14. CyberTruck is TERRIBLE for Costco Runs! Prove Me Wrong!

    LOL! Classic first world problem. Let me ask these guys on how to optimize space in a moving vehicle:
  15. I had the opportunity to test drive the Cybertruck and it exceeded everything I thought it would ever be

    Awesome! I'm glad you had a chance to test drive CT and loved it. Your smile says everything - it's priceless. Hope you get your CT soon. :love:
  16. ⛏️ I Loaded Up The Tesla Cybertruck with Landscape Materials (Mulch, Sand, and more)

    Thanks for trying this out and sharing. These are the exact type of utility stuff that some of us generally do. Haul some stuff; Load random things. Good to know CT handles all of this as expected. Hope one day someone will try mulch or sand directly. I saw Jerry tried it on Rivian and...
  17. 10 day review after 900 miles in my Cybertruck

    Some of us are here to know and learn from fellow CT owners. These type of “first impression” threads are extremely useful to hear diverse perspectives. Name dropping a political party doesn’t make the thread political. As the OP admitted above, he didn’t say anything political. Wherever there...
  18. Tested: Power an RV while charging a CyberTruck ?

    I heard somewhere that Tesla can fix this issue with a software update. They might have turned it off for safety reasons. If the Campsite has both 30 amps and 50amps outlet, we can use 30 amps for Trailer and 50 amps to charge CT, correct? It’ll overload the campsite grid for sure. I don’t know...
  19. Rivian owner CyberTruck Review: Interview with Jon Rettinger

    When you are like a celebrity going around in a badass Cybertruck, we should be asking the opposite - how do you stay away from these guys? lol :ROFLMAO: