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  1. CyberGus

    Truck Delivered With Service Issues - Hold on Sale

    Thank your state legislature. Here in Texas, Tesla cannot legally sell cars, so the "transaction" happens in California. I made a check payment via FedEx to CA, and final payment in the app.
  2. CyberGus

    Insurance issue for delivery

    The length requirement is probably to prevent drivers from buying short-perm policies to circumvent verification, and then letting it lapse. Your insurance company will absolutely renew early. "Please cancel my current policy, effective today, and write me a new identical policy, effective...
  3. CyberGus

    I Want My Cybertruck $100 Deposit Refunded

    The driver next to me at the Supercharger yesterday had a 2012 Model S with over 200,000 miles, impressive! He's got a Cybertruck reservation, but his wife wants him to cancel. I'm told him to stay strong 🤠
  4. CyberGus

    Second Thoughts. Refund on paid CT possible?

    You know you're doing something right when both sides of the political spectrum hate you :ROFLMAO:
  5. CyberGus

    Dallas Delivery Experience 4/22 - Heads up on Financing Checks in TX

    Tesla circumvents the Texas franchise laws by processing the transaction in California. I paid the bulk with a finance check from my CU overnighted to CA, and paid the balance in the app using Plaid. I also needed to get insurance several days before delivery so that Tesla could submit the...
  6. CyberGus

    Tour Giga Texas Factory?

    You could always apply for a job 🤷‍♂️
  7. CyberGus

    Confirmed 8,000+ Cybertrucks produced so far (VINs seen in person on 4/21/24)

    When I offered my cardkey to the Tesla Service Manager, he laughed. When you drop off your vehicle for service, it enters a special mode that gives them the required access, while also limiting yours. For instance, you cannot watch the remote live-view, or close the frunk onto an unsuspecting...
  8. CyberGus

    Nationwide delivery HOLD on all CyberTruck. Accelerator issue possible

    I'm starting to think that social-media influencers are sometimes disingenuous 😱
  9. CyberGus

    Nationwide delivery HOLD on all CyberTruck. Accelerator issue possible

    No, the problem is not specific to the 2023 model year. The bulletin clarified with: "The model(s) and model year(s) listed are a general approximation of the affected VIN list. Refer to the VIN/Bulletin Tracker or Customer/Vehicle profile to determine applicability of this bulletin for a...
  10. CyberGus

    Bait & switch

    You have another option: put the order "on hold".
  11. CyberGus


    I feel like Western Union just handed me a telegram
  12. CyberGus

    12/28 Waiting Room

    Wow, they're really ramping now. My truck has a 03/2024 build month and is 2000+ VINs behind yours.
  13. CyberGus

    VIN assigned, Austin Texas. Time to delivery???

    I was given a delivery date about 4 days out, but I pushed it to Friday because... well, Friday lol. The Pond Springs team was great! I asked if they drive them over from the factory, they said they're trucked over. But no rail dust! lol
  14. CyberGus

    Delivery pickup - Things I know now, that you should too.

    I overnighted my loan check to California, and paid the balance (TT&L) with Plaid. For sure they don't take credit cards lol. Or $DOGE