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  1. AWD vs. Beast Production Ratios? And Behind The Numbers

    Nobody knows but my thinking is that AWD demand is obviously more than Beast. They will produce whatever sells first, so that they can generate good revenue. Once AWD demand normalizes, they will start cranking more Beasts, but nobody knows what the timelines look like. My guess is that once FS...
  2. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    btw, I was told by a Tesla rep that once VIN is allocated, you can extend the reservation by max 3 months. After that you have to take the delivery of the next vin assigned. Take this with a grain of salt as their policies keep changing!
  3. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    Got it! Please keep us posted on whether you had any luck switching your order from FS to regular. Thanks! 🙏
  4. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    So, you couldn’t change the order from FS and non-FS, and you are taking the FS delivery soon?
  5. Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    I’m glad they changed it for you. They didn’t do it for my CyberBeast FS reservation. They just keep putting a hold on it for a month or so and kept extending it. This time they told me they won’t extend after June 1st.
  6. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    I was so close to cancelling my Beast order. The very reason I didn’t do it is because of all the great things I learnt about the truck from this forum. I really want to test drive, but if people like me who enjoy driving are applauding Cybertruck’s incredible driving experience, it makes sense...
  7. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    I agree! It infuriates me that we cannot test drive CT, but I can see why Tesla doesn’t want people to test drive. They don’t want more orders in hand. 3 million is a lot of orders. Even if 80% to 85% cancel, that’s still more than half a million serious buyers. It’ll take them 2-3 years to...
  8. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    Yeah 2 years might be very optimistic. I expect more than 50% cancellation though, and I expect ramp up to happen significantly as well. One of the important design aspects of Cybertruck is to reduce the assembly build time. I think Tesla is trying to not rush right now to avoid quality issues...
  9. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    If someone didn’t order FS doesn’t mean they cancelled their reservation. That’s the big incorrect variable to add to the equation while doing the math, and no matter how you do the math, Tesla has enough orders in hand to produce CT for at least 2 years. Demand is the last thing they have to...

    Looks like your Power Caps Key went full ON! 😆 Jokes apart, sorry that you had to go home empty handed. I have heard that Tesla car deliveries can be very boring and transactional without much drama. You should have been at least told not to take delivery. Time is precious. Hope you get your...
  11. My Delivery

    Hearty congratulations! Your t-shirt is super cool. You can get to work once FSD is enabled. ;) :ROFLMAO:
  12. Cybertruck referral program award (to accelerate delivery) for 30K credits -- 3/21/24

    I agree! Creating more demand for FS or regular CT is the last thing on Tesla’s mind right now, IMHO!
  13. CyberTruck Deliveries This Year for People that Just Ordered Them? Impossible!

    I think OP is referring to reserving and not ordering. As he said above, reserving in December 2023 will put the person at the end of 2 million reservations. So I guess he is not referring to FS ordering. @DittoDan - to answer your question, don't be surprised if Tesla eventually sends FS...
  14. Got my Cybertruck Today

    Hearty congratulations! 🤟 Enjoy your new toy and keep sharing your great stories!
  15. Received Foundation invite today. How long do I have to choose?

    There is no specific time, at least for now. There are several folks in this forum who didn’t act on the Foundation Series Invite. When Tesla stops making FS, you should get an option to configure regular Cybertruck. The million dollar question is when would that be. Nobody knows how long Tesla...
  16. Took Delivery Today. Excellent Truck! But Poor Delivery Experience.

    Hearty Congratulations! Your pose with the pro is epic. I hope you didn't take the delivery wearing it, because that could explain something. :ROFLMAO: The initial delivery fever in CA has died down I guess. As you know, if you own a CT in the Bay Area, you are not a celebrity, unlike other...
  17. Montana fun in our Cybertruck. 😊

    Nice! Every picture I have seen of someone driving a Cybertruck, there is a big smile on their face. I think that says it all! :love: Have fun, and keep sharing your cool Outdoor adventures!
  18. Time to Reflect on my Reservation

    I second that. I tow an Airstream with my Porsche Cayenne. Sometimes people ask me if it’s really capable. I don’t go to the extent of saying there is a real Guinness world record of Porsche towing a Boeing, but I just say that it can tow 8000 lbs. Tongue weight is the limiting factor. The...
  19. Does Tesla honor FSD orig price at 6K?

    It’s 7K AFAIK. This is what Tesla told me last month -