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  1. cyberbear

    Charging scheduled time slots

    i’m planning a trip, can I schedule a charging time slot at most charging stations?
  2. cyberbear

    Ventilated seats.

    Ventilated seats.I was hoping that somebody has heard if Tesla is going to be putting ventilated seats in the cyber truck . I’m not sure what other Teslas have ventilated seats. I would love to have that option.
  3. cyberbear

    Self driving subscription?

    I ordered FSD for my tri-motor $7000 option ,then I saw an article on YouTube about subscriptions that one has to pay for. My question , do I have to pay a subscription fee for the right to use self driving if I bought the option at the onset.
  4. cyberbear

    New Tesla dealer needed

    Does anyone know how quickly they roll out new Tesla dealerships. I am hoping that before I get my cyber truck ,that they have a new dealer in Victoria British Columbia. So I won’t have to go to Vancouver,for pick up and service.
  5. cyberbear

    Turning radius.

    Does anyone have a guess at the turning radius of the new cyber truck. With such a large vehicle I’m hoping it’ll have a smaller turning radius .With the air suspension it would be interesting ,any comments? It seemed to be OK at the reveal.
  6. cyberbear


    i’m 70 years old, and since my first vehicle ,a motorcycle I have upgraded my headlights. I’ve gone to higher wattage bulbs to higher wattage halogens, to H IDs, and lately I’ve tried LEDs. Does anyone know what sort of lights does the cyber truck have in those tiny slits. I’m not used to...
  7. cyberbear

    Will self drive avoid a crash?

    I understand most of what FSD will do ,(example )keep you in your lane ,keep you out of the ditch ,and prevent you from hitting the person in front of you. But will it avoid a head on collision with somebody that just crossed the median into your lane ? will it steer you away from danger?
  8. cyberbear

    T-slots in bed of vault

    I see what appears to be T slots in the vault floor I wonder how hard these are going to be to clean after a load of sand or gravel
  9. cyberbear

    Cybertruck interior color and quality

    I was just wondering how does the white interior of the Tesla stand up to time. I think they really look nice and I don’t know what the other options are. What is the material used for the seats ,and are they cleanable
  10. cyberbear

    Tone down the accolades

    Maybe we should tone down the accolades of the cyber trucks ability to withstand dents and scratches. A lot of people like to test things and I would rather not have somebody test scratch resistance on my new cyber truck
  11. cyberbear

    The white neutral wire

    As I’m an electrician I intend to install my own Tesla charger. Does the charger require the white as a neutral or is it strictly 220 this will save me on size of Hole (smaller cable )I have to core through concrete.
  12. cyberbear

    Where do I get my Tesla serviced?

    I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. it is a $200 and two hour ferry ride to my nearest Tesla service station in Vancouver. I might also have to rent the room for the night. What are the chances of this changing (how fast are they putting in new service centres ) over the...
  13. cyberbear

    Good sound

    Never having a Tesla before. I normally upgrade the sound system ,amp new speakers ect. How does the sound system in a Tesla compared to average vehicles. I know it would be really hard to replace stereo components
  14. cyberbear

    Edit profile

    I would like to edit my profile and straighten my avatar ,but I don’t know where to go .I cannot see a edit button . Please help
  15. cyberbear

    Trying to get ahead of delivery -- home charger questions

    Looking forward to when I get my tri motor. I’m trying to get a head start,and maybe do the charger now. But I don’t know what the size of the battery pack is yet. I will do most of my charging at home over night.What is the most common size breaker that is bring used for the larger battery...
  16. cyberbear

    Large front glass windshield

    I have never ridden in a Tesla ,but they all seem to have very large front windows that go way past your head how do they stop the sun from baking your head especially in places like LA or Arizona .are they tinted ?
  17. cyberbear

    Cyber truck delivery if no Tesla showroom/delivery center in town?

    I am new to Tesla and ordered a trI motor cyber truck .I live in a town with no Tesla show rooms (I know they don’t have dealers )and just wondering how teslas get delivered to towns that don’t have dealer/show rooms .thanks