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  1. CyberGus

    Judge allows FSD lawsuit to proceed

    Tesla did a bad job of marketing FSD. Charging a few thousand to enable basic ADAS features like TACC is actually in-line with industry pricing, but they also dangled "self-driving Real Soon Now" which led to angry customers when it didn't materialize. Would I pay a few thousand for basic...
  2. CyberGus

    Tesla dropped to No. 3 in Cali

    Tesla might be #3 in CA but Cybertruck is #1 in the heart of Texas. I can’t even drop someone off at the airport in this town looool
  3. CyberGus

    Report: Tesla lays off entire Supercharger team! [Update: Elon Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    Elon's contribution to electrification in general and to Tesla specifically has been enormous, if not incalculable. And he can continue to contribute without holding the CEO title. I would argue that he might contribute even more effectively without the burden of being a corporate officer. I...
  4. CyberGus

    Report: Tesla lays off entire Supercharger team! [Update: Elon Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    I don't think anyone is arguing against POS terminals as a concept, but Tesla does not need to be the one to implement it. Virtually all the other charge networks have on-site payment, so there are options. That said, it seems to me that implementing POS payment for Superchargers should be...
  5. CyberGus

    Why doesn’t Tesla improve their customer service?

    Most companies classify "service" as a cost burden. If you want to improve it, you must show the ROI of the invested dollars, but that's difficult to do.
  6. CyberGus

    Tesla Cuts 10% of Global Workforce

    An influencer, misled by the media?? We've come full circle
  7. CyberGus

    FSD safety and FUD

    Regardless of FUD, we generally expect people to make mistakes but machines to be perfect. I would throw out a calculator that occasionally gave me wrong answers! So even if FSD reduces the accident rate by 90%, the people involved in the 10% will want to sue for millions because it's the...
  8. CyberGus

    EV Battery Fires Analyzed

    The surviving stainless parts will make for nice souvenirs, but a HV battery fire will certainly total the vehicle.
  9. CyberGus

    EV Battery Fires Analyzed

    I found this video on TMC about EV fires, and agree it's really informative. Some highlights:
  10. CyberGus

    The Nikola Scam Continues

    I hear that "coasting" is great for range 🤷‍♂️
  11. CyberGus

    Elon Musk Asks College Kid To Remove Twitter-Bot Tracking Private Jet

    Taylor Swift threatens legal action against Florida student who tracks her jet By Catherine Thorbecke, CNN 3:36 PM EST, Tue February 6, 2024 Attorneys for Taylor Swift are threatening legal action against the Florida college student who tracks the private jets of celebrities and...