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  1. Dirt Worker

    Mirror Chrome Wrap Cybertruck! 🤩 😎

    Don't be that guy. Makes CT owners look inconsiderate.
  2. Dirt Worker

    First Cybertruck Swing Arm Spare Tire Carrier (by Wilco Offroad)!!

    Does it come with an idiot proof tailgate disabler? It's gonna happen. Nice idea but too many downsides. Wind drag, cost, inconvenience, camera blocked, shimmy, increased length and it doesn't seem like a tight fit. Hope to see more of your thoughts after practical experience.
  3. Dirt Worker

    Foundation Series is like the "Fast Pass" at Disneyland

    I know, it's a little bit whiny of me but I'm 63. I would like to enjoy it while I'm healthy. People in my family die young.
  4. Dirt Worker

    Foundation Series is like the "Fast Pass" at Disneyland

    You want on the ride before all of the people who waited in line? Sure but, your'e going to pay for it. I just received my invite to order the Foundation and like many of us, the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under me. Understandably, a company's goal is to profit. A good company has...
  5. Dirt Worker

    Do you think CT prices will go up after FS?

    A message to every person who mentioned price increase. Stop it. These are read by the bean counters and stock holders. It was no surprise that we wouldn't get a tri-motor for 69,900 but it was a gut punch when it was 100k. I blame these people for encouraging this. We didn't get 500 mile range...
  6. Dirt Worker

    Awesome range when practicing energy management -- range is as advertised or better in my Cybertruck

    Columbia Gorge HWY. 65mph, high winds, hills. I would think autopilot would account for terrain and not self engage regen if it's statistically inefficient. Steep grades and stop signs I understand but not gentle hills where a maintained speed is required. Good thread here.
  7. Dirt Worker

    Awesome range when practicing energy management -- range is as advertised or better in my Cybertruck

    Does cruise work the same? I love the challenge of squeezing energy and playing with efficiency but my wife wants to simply get from A to B. She has a 250 mile round trip each week that I am hoping will be a one charge journey. This being my first EV, I am asking if there is a setting for...
  8. Dirt Worker

    Accelerate your Cybertruck delivery with 30,000 Referral Credits

    I ordered next morning and have no clue when to expect to see a shiny box in the garage. Days, weeks, months or years? 58 when I ordered. Probably 63 before I receive. The initial excitement has turned to numb enthusiasm.
  9. Dirt Worker

    Cybertruck is almost sold out for 2024. Reservation conversion rate very encouraging (per Q4 2023 earnings call)

    What a tragic waste of person. Guessing you are close to forty. So, if someone who was seventy ordered the CT and is now 74, how does that sound? Adding lost parents into a post? Young fella, I'm deeply sad and disappointed that we may be driving the same vehicle. Bad news, the CT doesn't come...
  10. Dirt Worker

    Towing tested with 6,000lb Tesla and trailer load

    Towing 10,000, a forty mile round trip from Hood River to Parkdale, OR (1,500 ft. elevation difference) is about it. It may sound/look goofy but a 10k 220v propane generator is a lot cheaper than $16,000 for the range extender and will take up less room. Hell, I'm out in the woods anyway and...
  11. Dirt Worker

    💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    I agree with your statement. I am curious though. What part is the limit? Braking, suspension or frame strength? All of which are supposedly engineered above what any other pickup can handle. Maybe the regenerative braking can't handle back feeding current levels or the rear casting isn't rigid...
  12. Dirt Worker

    💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    Built in tailgate ramp, 14k tow rating. I understand the challenges and do not fault Tesla for the timeline or falling short of design promises. I don't understand why the demo videos show the CT outpull an F-350 (37,000lb tow rating) and tell owners it's only rated for 11k.
  13. Dirt Worker

    Range for AWD Cybertruck 200-250 miles after many real world tests

    500 mile range target, $69,900 price at reveal. 320 mile estimate range (200 possible real world) $99,000 release price. All this and 3,000 lower tow rating. Do I need to purchase the $16,000 range extender so I can tow my trailer out of the garage? If I took twice as long to do a job for a...
  14. Dirt Worker

    Cybertruck is pure beauty on the move! Video makes me want one even more 😍

    The Family Cybertruckster! Coolest rendering ever! Love it. Someone has to come up with a wrap kit.
  15. Dirt Worker

    🌲 Pine Green Wrap Cybertruck Completed (3M Vinyl Wrap)

    3M 2080 Vinyl would be around $1000 in material. The hardest part of wrap is round corners and valleys. A vehicle with all flat surfaces. That would be the easiest to wrap.
  16. Dirt Worker

    Here's the hole left after side mirrors are removed 📸

    Working on it. Simple file if anyone wants it when done.
  17. Dirt Worker

    First Clear PPF being installed on Cybertruck (Foundation Series)

    DIY 3M 2080 vinyl any color $1,000 and carbon fiber $1300. No easier vehicle ever made for diy wrap. If and when chip or scratch appears, peel, replace with leftover material.
  18. Dirt Worker

    DIY Vinyl Wrapping. The Cybertruck was made for it. Albeit not on purpose.

    I predicted three things upon the reveal of the CT four years ago. 1. They would get rid of the hubcaps (wrong). They would make the mirrors removable and it would come with an optional color wrap (Henry Ford would be proud). For $1000.00 300 square ft. of 3M 2080 top tier wrap can be purchased...