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  1. CyberGus

    Is Cabin Overheat Protection not working?

    Only 147º lol I tried "Vent", but this dropped the temp about 5º within about 10 minutes, and then it stayed there for hours. So instead I activated climate: 5 minutes to get down to ambient, another 10 or so to get comfortable (below 80º) and another 10 to reach my set-point. This is while...
  2. CyberGus


    Only the glovebox USB port can be used for data, and there is only 1, so you must partition the USB stick. However, if your only interest is adding a custom lock sound, you can use a separate USB stick for that, and then re-insert the Sentry drive. The truck keeps a copy of the custom lock...
  3. CyberGus

    Cybertruck Federal Solar Tax Credit!?

    I worship my Cybertruck. Therefore, my house is a church. No more taxes ever!
  4. CyberGus

    Cybertruck T-Bone accident at high speed - damage photos

    You and I have different definitions of "significant". You can't outrun inertia. If the side was 2-inch plate steel, an impact would have put 100% of the energy into moving the vehicle sideways, instead of crumpling to absorb it. The occupants would get hit by the 2-inch steel plate at 50...
  5. CyberGus

    Cybertruck front windshield tint

    There have been some reported incidents of water intruding into the overhead gear selector during tint installation, leading to some strange side effects (like the hazards running 24/7 lol). It's a challenge for sure, but not an insurmountable one...?!??
  6. CyberGus

    Does anyone else have a cloudy windshield and cannot get it clear

    Laminated glass has an inner plastic layer. If this is the source of the cloudiness, it obviously cannot be corrected. It's a challenge to get glass streak-free, but the surface oils are not some super meta-material that is impossible to remove. I also had some cloudiness/glare that was...
  7. CyberGus

    Cybertruck Spare Tire + Change Tool Kit Available Now in Official Tesla Shop

    Q: How many Aggies does it take to change a flat tire? A: Two. One to hold the drinks, and one to call for help
  8. CyberGus

    Cyberbeast Gets Premium Platinum Throttle Pedal Rivet

    I'm going to paint a rivet on mine so that the Service Center won't bother
  9. CyberGus

    Is Cabin Overheat Protection not working?

    COP is intended to maintain a reasonable upper temp for your comfort, not to protect the vehicle. It therefore disengages 12 hours after being parked.
  10. CyberGus

    CyberTruck Theft Protection?

    I can see my vehicle's location from a browser, since I've subscribed to Tessie. I can also do all the things you can do from the app, like put it in Valet mode lol, but AFAIK there is no way for the owner to remotely disable the vehicle.
  11. CyberGus

    Cybertruck crashes into a ditch and here's the result

    Ditch must have been free of steel balls. The glass survived!
  12. CyberGus

    Director of Cybertruck manufacturing has left Tesla

    I'm confused Everyone in this story is named "Zhu"
  13. CyberGus

    Side mirror scratched by the bushes from off-roading

    I've taken it through an automatic car was multiple times without issue. I've also sprayed it with a hose in that area. If the seal in that area is incomplete, it should be repaired. I don't know the water-resistance of the components under the frunk tub, but I imagine they can get wet from...
  14. CyberGus

    Side mirror scratched by the bushes from off-roading

    This is not true. The owner went to a car wash and the truck got stuck there when it got wet, right? Well, no. He drove it out of the wash, and it died in the parking lot, right? Hmmm, no. The truck drove all the way home without issue, was parked in the garage, and found to be dead hours...
  15. CyberGus

    Got my first middle finger

    Maybe they know that you're a lawyer 🤷‍♂️
  16. CyberGus

    Touchy feely people

    DeLorean owners have been grousing about this forever. I'm sure rare things get touched all the time, but nothing shows fingerprints like stainless lol. Some DMC owners would put up signs, one even hung a velvet rope around the car at a show, still ended up with fingerprints. One guy finally...