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  1. No PowerShare contact, owner since April 28th

    I took delivery April 23, got the email about the 2 free months of supercharging but haven’t had the credits added to my account yet. Still showing pay as you go.
  2. Powershare Home Backup eligibility email received today 1/29/24

    I got the same email. I really want to stick this on my off the grid sugar shack.
  3. Range for AWD Cybertruck 200-250 miles after many real world tests

    Dude if he’s navigating between superchargers the battery is probably conditioning itself for charge which costs energy. This whole thing is hilarious.
  4. Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    I know it's obvious, but 700 mile battery also equates to a great buffer for charging for those who can't do it at home.