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  1. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    While like many here I am a bit bummed by this announcement, I think there could be an upside to it. The delay could cause some to cancel their reservation and thus those of us who reserved rather late might see our reservations move up the list. This delay was not totally unexpected as the...
  2. How will delivery of the Cybertruck work?

    I think Tesla changes their delivery policies periodically depending on location and circumstances. If near the end of a quarter, they want the delivery completed quickly and are much less flexible. In my case, my first Model S in 2015 was delivered to my home as there is no store/service...
  3. Reservation order integrity

    In answer to the original question and relative to what I recall reading here and there, I believe there are at least 3 items that could affect when one gets the chance to complete their order and take delivery of a CT: order of reservation; variant (single/dual/tri motor) and trim options. I...
  4. What would prevent your purchase?

    With the current lack of any official specs on the production CT, I think it is impossible to say if I will finalize an order or cancel my reservation. At this time there is far too much we do not know about the production CT's specs or possible options.
  5. Giga Austin Production Capacity (Poll)

    Until we know if the global chip shortage will still affect Tesla in Q3 2022, and if there might be any other supply shortages (batteries?), it will be impossible to predict potential production numbers. Thus I consider the poll a waste of time at this time.
  6. Connectivity to make your Tesla work? You already bought the car once, basically now have to pay to make the car radio work?

    Premium connectivity is for me (and I believe many owners) totally unnecessary. The radio works without it, and basically it only provides internet access when away from wifi connectivity. You will still need wifi connectivity to receive software updates. As to other potential upgrades, those...
  7. If Tesla can raise pre existing Tesla roof contract, what to stop them from raising the pre orders of CT?

    In summary of what has been said: You currently have a reservation that allows you the option to configure & order a CT, NOT a signed purchase contract. Until you have a finalized order, nothing is guaranteed.