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  1. Cybertruck registrations outnumbered R1T in March 2024. Lightning lead the pack

    Absolutely agree! Once Cybertruck ramp up is at 100%, these numbers are going to look way different. I’m surprised that despite production constraints, Cybertruck sales are strong.
  2. Beast better than AWD, change my mind

    lol!! Now I can’t erase this memory forever, unless I’m hit by a Beast! Why Ryan? Why?!! 😆

    OP’s concern is valid. I stopped paying attention to media when they started pulling threads from this forum and posting articles as if sky is falling. Same goes with some content creators. As @Woodrick said, it’s all click-bait game amplified with targeted ads. I’ll just have the EVs speak and...
  4. Update Preview: Locking Diffs (Differentials), New Off-Road Modes “Gravel / Deep Snow” & More Coming to Cybertruck!

    Love it! Rivian Quad has individual Torque vectoring. If AWD Cybertruck blew some sand and rocks, wait till Beast enters the arena. It’ll blow away the mind and pants off 😜. We just need to have some patience while software is tuned on Beast. It’ll be totally worth the wait!
  5. Sadly the FUD is winning.

    At this point almost all mainstream media is going big on trashing Cybertruck. It’s all because of clicks. Tesla being Tesla doesn’t give a S***. They know Cybertruck’s real potential. They are letting the product sell itself. When you have a S*** product, then marketing it more will make the...
  6. Beast better than AWD, change my mind

    Very good analysis! I think timing is also another thing. If FS wasn’t there and both AWD and Beasts were readily available to order, some folks might have switched to Beast. It would have been the same cost as AWD FS $100K that majority are paying now, plus $7K FSD.
  7. Does Cybertruck come with loading ramp?

    You might have some catch up to do since 2019 on the features that were omitted. Tailgate ramp is gone. Now they have this accessory - Sorry for bringing the bad news.
  8. Beast better than AWD, change my mind

    lol! I don’t think the delay is because they are not able to write code to lock the differentials. My guess is that safety checks with steer by wire precedes everything, but I shouldn’t speculate about things that I’m not involved with. So, IDK! 🤷‍♂️
  9. Songs & Playlists for Cybertruck

    I agree that it’s easy to get electric pump for $50 and 3D print the connector, but that’s the point. If I’m paying $3K, I expect $50 electric motor with the right adapter. Not everyone will have a 3D printer. I would even go to the extent of saying that it should be as easy as pressing a button...
  10. Songs & Playlists for Cybertruck

    They build the most futuristic vehicle and then add a tent with a manual pump! Seriously!! The power outlet is right there 10 inches away! I’m guessing this project was outsourced to someone else outside Tesla. What a shame!
  11. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    I configured and ordered FS on 12/21, but I have put it on hold till June 1st. I need to sell my other vehicles to make room for CT. I also have another newer reservation. If I cannot sell my other vehicles by June and Tesla doesn’t extend the hold, which they hinted last week while extending...
  12. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    I’m so sorry to hear that Stacy! Motorcycle is a very dangerous sport, no matter how skilled the rider is. I stopped riding my Ducati on regular roads now. I only do track days. It’s insane to see how many distracted drivers are out there. No money can fill in the loss!
  13. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    Very nice! You hit a jackpot in finding a great partner 🥰.
  14. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    lol! Good strategy. I’m sure you didn’t tell her the price difference! 😝
  15. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    There you go! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Great choice! I just love your Beast design on the tailgate. So dope!
  16. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    I agree! Note that there are also people who have never sat in a vehicle that has the same acceleration as 911 Turbo S, which costs $300K. Is that needed for a truck? Absolutely not! Is that something some people dig? Absolutely yes! Otherwise Tesla had no reason to put Trimotor and boast about...
  17. To Beast or not To Beast: That is My question.

    I have been through that question a million times, and here’s my final answer - when you are ready to pull the trigger, if your finances allow extra $20K plus Tax, then Beast is the way to go. It’s totally worth the money if you have the money. Remember to also account for any upgrades that you...
  18. Do you think CT prices will go up after FS?

    You are right. I think many people haven’t cancelled the order because they are hoping to buy AWD with Tax credit. I’m hope they will keep AWD price the same or slightly lower it. I don’t think Beast price will go down.
  19. Cybertruck vs. Ferrari response from public

    I have been flipped, ridiculed, made fun for my choices so many times. I have learnt it the hard way - if you have something that others don’t, then they will either admire and follow you or hate you. This applies to knowledge, money, status, credibility, talent.. lots of things. It’s just their...
  20. Kid dropped iPad down tonneau cover slit.

    lol! Please don’t forget to offer complimentary noise cancelling headphones to 2nd row passengers! 😆