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  1. FenryHonda

    Cybertruck driving on......SALT WATER..... (in ocean tide)

    This is what happens when you give car people a truck. Where I live on the Gulf, corrosion happens just by being near the beach.
  2. FenryHonda

    Let's talk ramp inside tailgate...

    Agreed. I own a Ridgeline now and never realized how much I would use the barn door side opening feature. It makes the “trunk” in the bed useable. Otherwise you can’t reach it comfortably. Point is, that ramp idea is a big deal that got the attention of current truck owners. I could care less...
  3. FenryHonda

    Videos of Cybertruck towing SpaceX rocket engine!! 🦾

    I love it. No matter how advanced our equipment is, we still have to jump on the bed of the truck to release the hitch.
  4. FenryHonda

    What tests/videos should Tesla make for Cybertruck launch event and for media to use?

    #25. Some country singer sitting on the tailgate singing about … sitting on the tailgate singing a country song. And beer. And momma.
  5. FenryHonda

    HD Walkaround Video of Camo Beta Cybertruck!

    Maybe that's what we're looking at ... a big 'ol roll-off dumpster with AstroTurf dressing. :) And yes, I agree, this probably is intended as some sort of visual/windage/industrial barrier. Just thought it was unusual. Don't think I've seen one done like this in my area. They usually use the...
  6. FenryHonda

    HD Walkaround Video of Camo Beta Cybertruck!

    I don’t like that fake hedgerow. What is it, outdoor carpet thrown over a fence? Who does that?
  7. FenryHonda

    Cybertruck spotted stuck in the mud?

    Yes, I hope they get it stuck, break it, flood it and do all of the things we've been doing with trucks for years. I certainly hope they do this before they sell it to me so I don't have to wonder why they didn't. I got my very first 4x4 (1980 GMC) stuck on a red clay road in north Florida on my...
  8. FenryHonda

    Florida Panhandle

    I drove to the Giga Factory in Austin to check it out. Didn't mean to drive up to the guarded entrance. Was told that if I didn't work there, I was trespassing. So I kindly asked if I could turn my RV around in their parking lot. Good times. At least I got to see it. I highly recommend McKinney...
  9. FenryHonda

    Elon Says Possible Future Cybertuck Will Deliver Itself to New Owner

    804 mile trip to my house. I don't see that happening and it would make me more nervous than going and picking it up myself. And my luck says it would end up in a bayou in Louisiana somewhere ... floating helplessly while some swamp folk ease up in their pirogue. Sounds cool, but I think we're a...
  10. FenryHonda

    Anybody going to use their CT to haul windsurfing gear?

    I’ll definitely be hauling kite gear and possibly windsurfing gear in the CT (kayaks too). With foil gear allowing for shorter boards, I guess the only concern is masts and sails. However, I’m hanging onto my Kona board for our super light wind and navigating the bay. I do like the pass-through...
  11. FenryHonda

    Top Gear Testing

    As a previous owner of an ‘84 Extra Cab 4x4 Toyota, this was hard to watch, but entertaining nonetheless. I loved that truck and teared up when I sold it. It had a bent frame when I bought it from a friend. Had it straightened out, but probably didn’t even need to do that. I never worried about...
  12. FenryHonda

    Songs & Playlists for Cybertruck

    Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan (and covered by The Replicants.
  13. FenryHonda

    Turn bankrupt gas stations into supercharger locations

    Florida is offering grants. I posted this thread a while back. Not directly related to gas stations, but gas stations are in prime areas for this. It’s been extended due to COVID.
  14. FenryHonda

    Hridge 2020 brought up facial recognition...Elon listen to me.

    I watched Minority Report again last night, so I'm not really in a good headspace to be excited about this feature.
  15. FenryHonda

    Florida Offers Grant for Charging Infrastructure

    4/3/2020 UPDATE to previous post. REMINDER: EVCI Phase 1 RFA - Deadline Extended by 30 Days to May 7, 2020 The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has extended the deadline to submit applications for the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) Phase 1 Request for Applications...
  16. FenryHonda

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    I’ve been interested in green energy solutions since I was a middle schooler. So to have a truck that could be charged from solar panels, and badass on top of that? That’s what I’m excited about.
  17. FenryHonda

    I ain't like you.

    How many of us are considered “early adopters”?
  18. FenryHonda

    Florida Offers Grant for Charging Infrastructure

    So, this isn’t in my area of the state, but hopefully somebody will take advantage. This is part of the VW settlement. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced a competitive grant funding opportunity for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Funds are available for Level...