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  1. So little info on Powershare

    Just so little information. Had a site visit from Tesla (not a third party) for Powershsre install. After 1 month, finally got an estimate with little information and something to sign. “Energy Pilot Terms” that references “Vehicle to Home (V2H) Powershare Pilot!” Clearly they are still...
  2. Regen Braking need to be stronger

    Any one else feel like regen needs to increased for braking? I know this CT is so much heavier than my M3P, but one pedal driving is not that great. Needing to use brakes 100% more, since I rarely touch the brakes in my M3P. I keep thinking that something might be wrong but this is a tank and...
  3. Title and registration in CA as "Commercial Vehicle". What about your state?

    Looking to see how your Cybertrucks are being registered in various states. Mine in CA was registered as “commercial” as opposed to “automobile”. First wanted to see if that is universal for CA and then for other states. For commercial vehicles CA collects more fees. This state!
  4. Any sensors on Tailgate and Frunk to prevent accidentally opening in garage?

    Does anyone know whether or not there are sensors on the tailgate or frunk to ensure they don’t accidentally open in garage. Obvious garage door is in the way of tailgate and I have overhead cabinets that I park under that the frunk would hit if opened. Thx
  5. VIN received!

    Opened app and there was a note that my order has changed. All about Tesla Vision and most things are limited or inactive. So you need to review and accept before proceeding. This along with range gives me great pause. Someone else in Orange County is probably going to get very lucky soon.