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  1. Round Steering Wheel for CT?

    I say yes it Should happen; thoughts?
  2. $396.00 wiper pump

    I am so done with the big 3 and their engineered obsoleance b$. Just got a quote on replacing a burned out winscreen washer fluid pump (part = $23 @ autozone) for $396.00 lowest quote. The. Entire front bumper must be removed to access it. Americans should be able to repair their owned...
  3. Will Tesla Insurance cover Cybertruck in all states?

    Will all American CT owners be able to insure their trucks via Tesla insurance?
  4. Tesla AC -> cool?

    Could some current owners of Teslas tell me if the air conditioners are Cold? Its a scorcher this year with hotter years ahead. And, is the tesla AC dependable, thanks folks.
  5. Will the truck come with a full size spare?

    Cowhands want to know if this truck will come with a full size spare and will we be able to wash the cow-s*%T out of the cab? Practical Gents these men so what say You?
  6. CT - All the Important Sounds

    1. The sterio/sound system must be top notch on all versions, BT, DAC, out ports, input, big amps and great speakers. 2. The insulation should be better then an F150. 3. All the doors should be guaranteed against rattle and hum. 4. What say you?
  7. Cyber Truck should come with wifi hot spot standard

    Cyber Trucks should have wifi hotspot as standard equipment. If not it would be an almost Cyber Truck. Tesla doesnt currently provide this as even an option, maybe Elon will have starlink installed in each, really driving The Cuber Truck brand Home?
  8. Tulsa TESLA

    Tulsa TESLA Just feels so good TESLA Tulsa, Cyber Truck Right on!