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  1. TerryMack

    What happened to my reservation???

    My reservation is no longer showing. Why? I went to look for my Reservation - RN113404973 and It is no longer showing in the tracker!!!!!
  2. TerryMack

    So when is TSLA going to split again?

    We all saw TSLA split after driving the price over $1000/sh the first time. Is this likely to happen again or is it going run the price up so the small investor has lost the opportunity to own part of this awesome technology company?
  3. TerryMack

    2 motor for a 3 motor Cybertruck?

    I initially ordered a 2 motor Cyber Truck and now wish to order a 3 motor Cyber Truck instead. Is there an easy way to do this? I want the extra range!!!
  4. TerryMack

    Is there anyway to make the CyberTruck carjack proof, (so everyone knows you can't take this car)? It has to be a super cool way of course!!!

    There has to be a very super cool way to make the CyberTruck impossible to car-jack. I am hoping Elon comes up with a way to blow everyone's mind!
  5. TerryMack

    Is it true that Tesla cars cannot be sold in Texas now?

    Is this true? I have heard that you can't buy a Tesla car in Texas. Well, my Cyber Truck is being built there and I want to be able to pick it up there when it is made!