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  1. Kevinb2

    Toyota BZ4X BEV with steer-by-wire by mid 2022, maybe Tesla add steer-by-wire to Cybertruck?

    I thought Toyota was lobbying against BEVs and trying to make their hybrids a product for as long as possible?
  2. Kevinb2

    Tesla Clones

    I would expect that Tesla could simply just build more factories and increase production efficiency, instead of giving away their main advantages to all their competition.
  3. Kevinb2

    $20M Lawsuit filed against Tesla after accident that injured 5 police officers

    "Tesla autopilot is all at fault! Oh yeah, and the restaurant that I ordered to-go alcohol from." - Drunk Driver
  4. Kevinb2

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I live in the rural parts of Texas. Many county roads here use caliche that sticks to the vehicle, with large sized rocks that'll be thrown by the tires into the undercarriage. I want something made to take abuse. I don't want a vehicle that needs to be handled with care as to not scratch the...
  5. Kevinb2

    Tesla FSD (9.2) vs oncoming car on single-lane street

    Holy cow is that close! I'm extremely impressed with the AI and how it handled that situation. Sure, it could've been a bit closer to the curb, but this is amazing that it can do this on its own and so aggressively! Compare this to Ford's BlueCruise video from Sandy Munroe. The Mach-E on it...
  6. Kevinb2

    Ford helping convert the masses

    That sounds either like a dentist's drill, or those pitstop drills taking off lugnuts. 0:39
  7. Kevinb2

    Colorado Teardrops Boulder EV camping trailer with 75kW battery pack

    Extremely high price. I would rather just save up for the tri motor option and have all the extra 20k-30k cash for supercharging near the point of off-roading. I sure wouldn't want to be hauling a trailer that would be jumping up and down, getting bogged in mud, and being more of a worry than...
  8. Kevinb2

    Not looking good for CT tax credit

    Tesla is pushing the gauntlet by putting out cars 3-5 years in the future, and is being held back by Priuses. :cautious: Wasn't the main goal to go from pure ICE cars to zero-emission vehicles? A hybrid is just a stopgap solution, and a short scheme to keep selling on a product with a shelf...
  9. Kevinb2

    Not looking good for CT tax credit

    It's really odd to me that they proposed a 40k limit, especially when the average price of a new vehicle purchase is over 40k according to KBB. Electric vehicles under 40k will most likely forfeit specifications that a person will need/want. Range, cargo space, seating, and/or rear AC! I hope...