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  1. Guylouis

    Bed light buzzzzz

    I’ve noticed that the LED strip lights in the bed of my truck buzz really loudly if they are at any brightness setting other than 100%. At 100% they are silent but I’ve noticed that the truck will auto dim these lights on its own which is how I noticed the buzzing sound Anyone else noticed this?
  2. Guylouis

    Received our two Beasts!

    Pops and I both ordered n Dec 8 SoCal He took delivery end of march I took delivery yesterday!! trucks are AMAZING Met my Dad at Starbucks. Driving two beasts around sure does get a LOT of attention. 😂 top two comments are “who makes that? it’s beautiful!” and “what about the recall?” 🤣...
  3. Guylouis

    Nationwide delivery HOLD on all CyberTruck. Accelerator issue possible

    I’ve seen a few different threads on the topic but figured we should start a dedicated one Many of us who were expecting delivery this weekend received a text message last night stating that our deliveries were being canceled. I was told that the delay will take a week im hearing that it may...
  4. Guylouis

    CyberBeast in route

    Got my VIN. CyberBeast Dec 8 order SoCal Delivery first week of April lfg!!!!!
  5. Guylouis

    Infant car seat

    Has anybody tried installing an infant car seat in the back seat of the CyberTruck? Specifically a Nuna Pipa with the base? In our model X plaid we need to bring the front passenger seat forward in order for the infant car seat to fit in the back. It’s super annoying (6 seater). My wife tends...
  6. Guylouis

    CyberBeast deliveries -- begin when?

    It’s been over a month since I was told to prepare for delivery. Not a single update from Tesla on my FS CB. I keep hearing of dual motor owners getting VIN’s. on the 18th we saw 10 Beasts get VIN activations. Are deliveries imminent?
  7. Guylouis

    Is wrapping our only option? Patina

    This week, I had the opportunity to closely examine a Cybertruck. Noticed some patina already starting I am exploring protective measures Is vehicle wrapping the sole option to prevent such damage or discoloration? dec 8 beast order! Cheers!
  8. Guylouis

    Credit offer expired… Beast me!

    7 years as Tesla customer. many cars purchased from them I ordered a foundation series cyber beast on December 8 and was asked on the 26th to submit my down payment. I wired the money and loan said it was final. In my past this means I should be getting a Vin within a day or two Well today...
  9. Guylouis

    Final payment completed for my Foundation Series!

    Got a notification to complete my final payment for my Foundation Series CyberBeast! Original order was during the presentation. $100 second order was on December 8th $250 SoCal I own multiple Teslas I also have several referrals can’t wait!! Anyone else able to submit final payment? how...