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  1. Cheap and effective windshield cleaner for inside glass window : cleaning pole / wand

    I don't have a CT yet, but on other vehicles I've been using a Swiffer and not adding on the handle extension. It's cheaper???
  2. Electric Pickup Truck Range Test to Dead : Cybertruck vs. Lightning, R1T, Silverado (by Out of Spec)

    Hey - I've got no argument against what you're saying. I was just pointing out your original statement was not entirely true the way it was worded. A partial and poorly executed attempt at humor on my part. And fairly off-point but, I know someone who sold their house and lives in a RV full...
  3. Greggertruck Cybertruck delivery VLOG

    greggertruck: "Yeah, do you want to get in?" Get used to the attention. You're going to get "some". ;)
  4. Cybertruck in Devil's Hot Tub @ Hell's Revenge, Moab

    The video won't play for me. Is it available someplace else? Youtube?
  5. Boycott Tesla’ ads to air during Super Bowl

    Also confusing AutoPilot vs. FSD. Sure AP will run over kids - it's not FSD.
  6. Extended Battery release date, info & specs?

    I would be happy with a smaller range extender that replaced the under bed storage area. I'd still like to use the full bed AND have more range.
  7. Any Interest in a Cyber-Suburban or Cyber-Van?

    I'm "all in" for this idea. Since I'm WAY down on the list (RN1139xxxxx) I will consider a Lucid Gravity (If Lucid is still in business :unsure: ) or maybe a Rivian R1S when the time comes to order my CT. The reason I'm not getting an R1S or Gravity right now is they do not (yet) support...
  8. NO TAX CREDIT! Tesla Cybertruck 2024

    Don't take it personally Gus. You're way better than the average bear. ;)
  9. Two questions about the "$1000 off other models while you wait" email

    Note: There are restrictions on the deal - see the fine print in the email. You cannot place a CT reservation now and get the $1000 discount: " *Active Cybertruck reservations placed before November 30, 2023, qualify for $1,000 off any new Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y ordered by...
  10. Dear Tesla: All I want for Christmas is ... (a range extension change)

    Dear Tesla: Please create a new version of the Cybertruck where the under bed storage is replaced with as much range extender batteries as possible. The storage area is nice and all, but I'd rather have the full bed usage and more range. I would not expect this will give the same range as...
  11. Anyone going to delivery event without invitation?

    When I attended the Gigafactory grand opening Cyber Rodeo, the security was very tight. I'm pretty sure you will not get in and it will be a wasted trip. I live in Austin and I'm not even trying to go.
  12. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    Since I'm many years out for the CT list, I just put in my $100 for a RAMcharger. I figure I might get one of those before the CT - *IF* they make more than a few per month (like Hummer). Also I could not find any mention of price or MPG when running on gas. Let the race begin - CT or RC...
  13. Frunk close button in action & location

    Yeah - I had driven by it a few times. But somehow it seems even bigger on the inside. A little like the Tardis. :D
  14. Frunk close button in action & location

    Cyber Rodeo was inside. That was before CT production equipment was there and there was a lot of empty space. I'll bet there is still a lot of empty space. It's hard to comprehend how truly HUGE this facility is until you see it with your own eyes. A bit like the Grand Canyon in that regard...
  15. 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    10 and 30 are both wrong. I heard directly from Elon that the number delivered will be either 42 or 69. :LOL: