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  1. samroy92

    New look at what's underneath the Cyber Diaper (Departure Angle)

    My opinion is that you can hid a full size spare tire under there, that is why there is such a massive plastic cover in the rear.
  2. samroy92

    Frunk Hidden Items

    1. The emergency frunk opener 2. Windshield wiper fluid? 3. ??? Can someone help identify
  3. samroy92

    Rumor: Person who test drove Cybertruck confirms 240V, powered frunk, and more

    The user who allegedly drove in it:
  4. samroy92

    Tesla Cuts Prices Adds Steering Wheel Option - Good News for the Cybertruck?

    Tesla is cutting prices to stoke demand - I think this is a good sign that they are starting to get more competitive as consumers are buying less cars in high interest rate environment. This also bodes well for Cybertruck price. Quad Motor long range released at $80k? (10k increase from Tri...
  5. samroy92

    Cybertruck 1000V Architecture + V4 Supercharging Confirmed!! ⚡️ "It's Going to be Used for Cybertruck Too" - Elon Musk

    Update: 1000V architecture / V4 supercharging for Cybertruck was confirmed during the semi live event! Posted by @firsttruck: Here is link to Tesla Semi Delivery Event but the video is cued to start at info on SuperCharger V4 MegaCharger and also Cybertruck charging. Tesla Semi Delivery...
  6. samroy92

    New Cybertruck chargeport picture reveals special Tesla logo

    Haven't seen this one before, apparently it's from the Peterson Museum? Source:
  7. samroy92

    New Cybertruck Body Shell photos taken INSIDE Giga Texas! 🤳

    Excitement Intensifies - pics below Edit: The original tweet has been removed, but pics are still below in all their glory Original Source:
  8. samroy92

    New Energy App Coming - Great for the Cybertruck

    The only thing they'll need to add for the Cybertruck is "Solar Generation" :D
  9. samroy92

    Cybertruck Range Prediction + Cell Calculation + More [Sources]

    TLDR Edit 2 (7/20/23): ~1450 Cells ~400 Wh/mi efficiency ~100-110 Wh per Cell Not including range buffer (3-5 kWh) 1450 Cells * 110 Wh = 159,500 Wh, in other words ~159kWh. If we assume 400 Wh/mi of driving efficiency this would give us an estimated EPA range of 397miles. If Cell capacity is...
  10. samroy92

    Cybertruck 900V architecture confirmed?

    WholeMars usually has accurate leaks but I can't find a source, any one else know about any details?
  11. samroy92

    Rumor: Cybertruck Gigapress set to begin operating next month!

    2022 limited production is still on the menu. Speculation of course!
  12. samroy92

    Cybertruck Solar Roof + Cover Potential [Photoshop]

    This is obviously ugly as sin but its the best Photoshop skills I can muster up. This demonstrates the solar area potential of the Cybertruck: Does anyone have any rough measurements we can use to generate a usable surface area? A typical residential panel is 66"x41" and can produce around...