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  1. Cyberbeast to AWD Order Conversion = Instant VIN

    I did change from AWD to Beast and I did it over phone.
  2. Just received the invitation to order my Cybertruck here in NYC. April/June delivery?

    The current trend looks 4 months if you are not from Cali,Texas or Florida.
  3. WA waiting game

    Any Renton deliveries so far ?
  4. WA waiting game

    Any Renton deliveries so far?
  5. Liberty Lake Cybertruck Delivery Thread

    There is one delivered order in Liberty Lake.
  6. Question about RN11280

    Yup that’s right once you have paid 1k that means you are in queue. And don’t complete your credit application until VIN is assigned or at least till you get notified of your delivery is ready. Now sit back and refresh your app 😅
  7. Change Pending AWD Order to Beast Possible? (No VIN)

    I did change my order from AWD to CB and order date did not change.
  8. January Orders

    Hehe chill brother, not just Tesla it is the problem with every other manufacturer. Btw don’t cancel it Cybertruck is an amazing vehicle don’t miss it. I have been waiting for 4 years where I have leased two vehicles instead of purchasing it because I wanted this car.
  9. January Orders

    Yup do it Teach Tesla a lesson…
  10. January Orders

    Not enough love for NW 😅
  11. Tesla Powershare Home Backup Installation For $9,082.00 In FV SoCal For My AWD: Too Much?

    Which includes installing universal charger as well ? Sorry I’m first time Tesla buyer curious to know the costs. Btw I live in issaquah.
  12. Back-and-forth between Cybertruck (tri-motor) and R1T (quad-motor)

    Fantastic, I was under the same dilemma and your explanation gave me boost to go ahead with my CB FS 😊 thanks a lot
  13. Received Foundation invite today. How long do I have to choose?

    My friend did not accept the invitation and he lost the spot for FS but he will again get the invitation for non FS when time comes. Btw he got email for invitation on 02/13. Looks like 30 days is the grace time to accept.
  14. Unplugged Performance transforms Cybertruck w/ 22" Cybrhex wheels, 35" BFG KO2 tires, digi-camo wrap

    Wow I was literally searching for this Digital wrap in the morning and here is the post very nice I’m up for this. I’m in Seattle how can I get this UP wrap done?
  15. My charging curve at V4 SC (nothing new)

    Looks like the 350kw output might not be enabled on the charging station. If you look at NxuOne they were successful in reaching 327kw. Fingers crossed for now and hope Tesla unlocks it very soon 🤞
  16. WA CyberTruck deliveries end of March

    Placed Cyberbeast order on 02/21 got PowerShare install eligibility email on 03/15. Waiting for the VIN. Definitely not before August fingers crossed 🤞
  17. Just Received My Invitation to Order

    I have ordered Beast. Now I regret that it’s not worth buying FS because the deliveries continue the whole 2024 and at the same time they are not LIMITED :( As I am crazy about this car I’m not going back btw 😅. If you think you can wait for a year just do it.
  18. TESLA is NOT HONEST about FREE supercharging miles…

    Great videos appreciate your work :) so far how is the range on the cyberbeast in conserve mode and Beast mode?