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  1. Sasmania

    Cybertruck Delivery Hold Until April 23 -- Tesla Dealership Associate

    I hope not, but I have heard of SC cuts at some locations, not specific to Scottsdale though...
  2. Sasmania

    Cybertruck Delivery Hold Until April 23 -- Tesla Dealership Associate

    The fact they cut service center people (besides a few bad apples) is bumming me out... Tesla has 30B in the bank and if anything needs to add SC staff, not cut it.
  3. Sasmania

    Cybertruck Delivery Hold Until April 23 -- Tesla Dealership Associate

    Congrats!! I'm waiting for mine from Scottsdale as well. I assume one of those 6 or 7 is mine. Got a VIN 4/9 but never a delivery date. Supposedly waiting for final inspection, then Rivitgate.... Still no delivery date...
  4. Sasmania

    Nationwide delivery HOLD on all CyberTruck. Accelerator issue possible

    Gotta say that cover looks pretty cheap and flimsy. Is it really that much more to have an indestructible solid piece of metal in a premium truck? What happened to "the best part is no part?"
  5. Sasmania

    Nationwide delivery HOLD on all CyberTruck. Accelerator issue possible

    Got my VIN on 4/9. #4600 which sounds like an older build, correct? Not sure if that's good or bad... Was told on 4/11 it just needed to pass final inspection then they would call to schedule delivery... which kind of sounded like Truck is at my delivery center, but not sure. That's the...
  6. Sasmania

    Introducing Cybertruck Accessories by TWRAPS

    Agree 100% For me it's not that I don't like the white color, it's the serious reflection and glare it produces in sunny situations (and I'm in AZ) I swapped out the white dash on my Performance Y to Wood and it was 10X better.
  7. Sasmania

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    11279 Dec 28, '23 VIN 4/9 4600 VIN Pending AZ - Scottsdale I got the VIN as I was walking up to my Performance Y to take it's final photo, as the new owners were arriving in 5 minutes! Amazing timing as I sold the Y on a hope and a prayer hoping I didn't shoot myself in the foot and being...
  8. Sasmania

    Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    Well, I figured they'd have a 500+ mile range in 2-3 years and this all but confirms it... maybe even sooner. Great news. So, I'll just deal with my 340 miles (once I get it hopefully this month) for a while and at some point a Tri motor with 500+ will cost the same or less than the 100K...
  9. Sasmania

    1st Off-Road trip in my Cybertruck - Takeaways & Experience

    I agree. I was also thinking it would be nice to have some sort of custom-fitted tarp cover that would also keep out rain/snow and provide a small amount of insulation to retain heat (or AC) when camping in the bed. It could also extend the life of the tonneau by keeping it cleaner and...
  10. Sasmania

    My first off-road trip in Cybertruck (Southern Utah) -- high speed runs + rock crawling

    That sounds amazing. Love the photos! That dirt road seemed fairly smooth tho compared to some, but a couple of the vacation rentals I manage are on dirt roads and the Y suspension sucks (my one complaint about the car) and can't wait for the huge difference with the CT!
  11. Sasmania

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    RN 1279 Ordered 12/28/23 Waiting on VIN AZ, 5 time owner since '14, long-term stockholder, was at both CT events Hoping to get it before my brother comes to town April 6... looking bleaker but still hopeful!!
  12. Sasmania

    Cybertruck bed mattress solution - EXPED 72"x25.6"x3" air mattresses + BougeRV 2900 BTU heat pump

    Nice work! I've used an Exped in my Y 50+ times and saved a ton on hotels while road-tripping. It's super comfy but I wish it would air down a bit easier so it wouldn't take up as much space when not in use. I'm 6'3" so I'm going to have to go diagonal to fully stretch out and even then it...
  13. Sasmania

    Flipper of 10 Cybertrucks Tells All - Video Interview

    I don't think a 20-mile difference is going to matter at all. If it was at least 50 or 100+ then it's a meaningful difference. However, the 20K extra price for a faster 0-60 probably won't hold up over time, which is why I opted for the AWD even tho I love the speed of the Beast. In other...
  14. Sasmania

    Can anyone confirm the Power Outlets in the bed work while driving?

    I don't see why not, but haven't seen any confirmation as such. Use case: Me - Plowing snow, also carrying an Ego Battery Snow Blower and charging the batteries between properties or while plowing. Landscaping Companies - Charging tools between clients... Charging the mythical...
  15. Sasmania

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    I was 12/28 too! Scottsdale. Mesa is closer to Austin tho so maybe you will get yours first? LOL
  16. Sasmania

    Range extender how useful is it really?? cost vs time savings..... Definitely not worth it to most

    As of now, the CCS Adapter doesn't even work with the CT anyway.... Doesn't fit the new opening and doesn't work even with the fender off. Will Tesla make one specifically for the CT?? I sure hope so...but when??? CCS generally sucks compared to Tesla Network, but when it's your only choice it...
  17. Sasmania

    Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    So if only 38 deliveries are tracked here so far.... what % do we think that is of the real number delivered? 10% ?? People saying they are making 25-40 a day... does that still make sense? Doesn't seem like there's been much of a production increase lately has there?
  18. Sasmania

    Tesla CCS Adapter doesn't fit Cybertruck

    As long as a new one is coming this year, all is good. But communication was never a Tesla's strong point. LOL