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  1. I dont think the CT will kick ass in baja (with a yoke)?

    The yolk is a bad idea in my opinion. The few remaining traditional “truck guys” that weren’t already turned off by this truck probably will be by the lack of steering wheel. And of course the few who have a yolk’d Model S are going to love it, they are early adopters/hardcore Tesla fans. Elon...
  2. Cybertruck Weaponized

    It’s like anything else, you have to trust that Tesla has done their due diligence in designing safe and secure systems. They’ve been proactive, hosting hack-a-thons and things if that sort against their products, but nation states aren’t gonna participate in those - they’ll have their own...
  3. Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    Insufficient for general trucking purposes, but combined with the cameras probably good enough. And honestly that’s all I want - small side mirrors for situational awareness while driving, and the cameras for any advanced maneuvering with a trailer or in tight spaces.
  4. Armor glass sourcing

    The flip side of having so many exotic materials is hoping you never have to replace them!
  5. Rent my Cybertruck to other reservation holders?

    I’ve rented cars - and Tesla’s - through an app called Turo, which is basically what you describe: an AirBnB for cars. Their fees are kind of high though, so maybe a group internal to the cybertruck community would be best.
  6. Keyless entry

    Hmm. Some places I know of which have your phone predicament provide “cubbies” for personal belongings at the entrance. I would either find a safe space near your work location (I just leave my stuff on the floor sometimes), or request your employer install something. I imagine you aren’t the...
  7. CyberTruck App Virtual

    As consumers we trust that Tesla has done their due diligence to design a system which shields safety-critical functions from tampering, but no computer or network is impenetrable. In regards to privacy, there’s probably a line in the T&C’s which describes what liberties Tesla can take with...
  8. Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    Sure. So then maybe you draw a line at a certain wage, or maybe salary vs hourly. But what about the new hire who makes $70k a year? Well surely you’re not going to make them forfeit over half of their salary back to their employer just for the privilege of parking at work. So you bump the line...
  9. Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    Yikes! Let employees drive what they want to drive. You’re going to make the custodian making $11/hour buy a $40k car just so they are allowed to drive to work?
  10. Is a Cyber line of Tesla vehicles on the horizon?

    Personally I think only the CT/Wolverine will have the “Cyber” look, but I do think Tesla is trying to eliminate paint shops and simplify the stamping process on their other vehicles. There are lots of lessons that will be learned from the CT that can improve future non-“Cyber” vehicles.
  11. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    I have my doubts the Wolverine model will exist within the next 5 years, but there’s no doubt in my mind it would outsell the original CT if offered in the States. Can’t wait for more updates!! We are definitely working on Elon time here ?
  12. The Tesla Cybertruck’s steel exterior doesn’t need wraps to look stunning.

    Lots of negativity in this thread for some reason. A “pale straw” color cybertruck would be sick! Does anyone know how this heat treat would affect the hardness or structural properties of the steel? I fear that you might end up relieving the internal stresses which make cold rolled steel so...
  13. Full Length Roof-Bed Cargo Rack Concept

    Sort of unrelated to the roof rack (which I love): what size tires and what ground clearance are modeled in those renders? The stance of your CT looks better than the real one imo
  14. No Cybertruck deliveries before 2022

    Seems like they’re putting a lot of weight on an email that only a few people received
  15. Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    Those custom sidewalls on the tires probably cost a fortune, which tells me they are probably just for the prototype. I do expect some sort of wheel cover for range reasons tho.
  16. ELECTREK: Tesla Model S roof seen flying off in dashcam video, Tesla blames third-party shop

    But the cybertruck ultimately is a luxury vehicle, one cosplaying as a zombie apocalypse vehicle at least. It’s for the demographic that loves the idea of surviving doomsday but will inevitably spend their years mall crawling like the rest of us. This could be a whole thread, but I’ve been...
  17. How many of u are holding or selling your tesla stock to buy a cybertruck on reservation day?

    That was the original plan, but I’ll probably end up selling them for a down payment on a home. At the rate the stock price is increasing, I probably can’t afford to buy many more stocks by then anyways ?
  18. Heated exoskeleton?

    Phoenix, AZ had 144 days over 100F and 34 days over 110F this year. That thick stainless steel will get hot in March and finally cool down around December!
  19. Auto Insurance on the Cybertruck

    ^^^ what Alan said. Repair costs will be insane, at least initially, due to the exoskeleton, imo.
  20. Exoskeleton vs crumple zones

    The energy involved in a collision with a tree or another vehicle is many orders of magnitude greater than that from a sledge hammer. So it can be strong enough to withstand incidental damage, and still crumple like an aluminum can when necessary! Also, I don’t think the CT is anything new when...