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  1. "Property Manager" for Cybertruck rental

    Yes, we should have 2, possibly 4 in '24.. keep my number 510 299 6199
  2. "Property Manager" for Cybertruck rental

    HI, Where are you located? I'll be running a rental operation in the bay area.
  3. 20/80 Li Ion Charging

    What's the name of the company that runs between SFO and LA?
  4. Destination fee

    Throw in a Factory tour! I'm in!
  5. Some Tesla engineers hated Cybertruck's design and secretly designed alternative -- says design chief Franz (in new Musk biography book)

    Eh.. I kinda like the look of the CT.. It's grown on me. Plus, Ever vigilant eyes 👀 with no obstructions painting a picture of the surrounding area at 34 frames/second and reporting to an AI that lives to keep you and the world around you safe.
  6. Cybertruck vs. Model 3, Mazda CX3, Mini Cooper size comparison (public sighting)

    I've stood right next to CT a few times. It's truck sized. Not to big. In person it looks pretty cool 😎 but not as big as some of the OEM ICE trucks on the road.
  7. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    You're right.. that's 3-4 2nd graders wide. Plus, better to toss 'em in the back and close the tonneau.. keep the upholstery clean.. :)
  8. new speedometer cluster?

    There's gotta be an app for that!
  9. new speedometer cluster?

    I've seen a very nice aftermarket cellphone based speedometer screens that mount on the steering column.
  10. 30 CTs Ordered

    Even just renting it out will bring in ~$30k/yr.. all ret to go when robo starts rockin' My bet is '26
  11. 30 CTs Ordered

    Quad-motor wasn't a thing back then. Top of the line was Tri-motor. Likely they'll release the configuration choices and build quads and tri's first.. Likely in batches
  12. 30 CTs Ordered

    Yeah.. 30 all at once is a big bite. Taking 'em in over time.. getting a chance to chew on 'em a little before getting the next set might not be so bad.
  13. 30 CTs Ordered

    Do I detect a note of jealousy? A CT running full-time as a Robo-taxi should make > $40,000/yr.. x 30 = $1,200,000/yr.. Good motivation to press the "button" a few times..
  14. 30 CTs Ordered

    No need to shake the tree really.. 2 million pre-orders. Just gotta say "next"