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    Damn most of my reason for getting AWD instead of beast was to get it faster. But, I configured 12/28 and took deliver 4/12 so you’ll end up with your beast like 6 weeks after me. Damn….
  3. NJ CT Meetup #2. ??

    I joined two Facebook groups so if we schedule another meet up I can post it in those. Expanding the audience could increase the number of us that come but also increase the number of people who show up just to look at the trucks.
  4. 6 days in and nothing but problems

    I feel terrible for you, I would be so mad and sad if that was my experience. I’ve been lucky, I’ve had mine 4 weeks now and gone over 3000 miles without any issues. Hang in there.
  5. Anyone Decide Not to Install PowerShare?

    I’m not bothering with it. I qualified and got contacted by an installer but it’s not worth it to me. My job would be probably close to $10,000 so I just got a second wall charger and called it a day. Second because we already had my wife’s model 3 for almost 5 years.
  6. NJ CT Meetup #2. ??

    And then there’s this….
  7. Touchy feely people

    We, as cyber truck owners, are in a tough spot. There is so much hype and excitement over the truck and you’re encountering people who are seeing it for the first time and some can’t control their excitement. You’re obviously free to react however you want just as they’re free to react however...
  8. What’s y’all’s response to HOW MUCH DID THAT COST

    I say they are forcing people who want it early to take it fully loaded and it’s 100k.

    I can’t see the ordering steps screens anymore in the app because I already have my cyber truck. But when you’re in the app and you go into the details of your order, the very first screen has your order and your address. if you keep scrolling down near the bottom there is a Tesla location Which...
  10. Anyone pick up a CT in NJ as of yet?

    That’s super awesome! I still debate with myself if I should have gone beast but I didn’t increase towing or range and awd was sooner. Congratulations!!!
  11. Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins Back in Stock!

    That sucked, I got an email alert they were back in stock at 5:11pm and by 6 they were sold out.

    I was never able to get through, they have a phone number specific to each and every service center, but when you call it, it goes through to the main call center all the time.
  13. Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: Off-Road Drag Race - by Top Gear

    They should have run it 3 times or best of 5.

    Hang in there I think I was 13 or 14 days from vin assignment to delivery and that was all before the recall so I think they recovering slowly from the recall fallout.
  15. NJ CT Meetup

    Another thing to try temporarily is to have it connect to your mobile hot spot to make sure it can connect to something successfully. I have eero mesh routers and one of them is in the garage.
  16. New Covers for Factory Cybertruck Wheels Launched - T Sportline

    @T Sportline any update on when the wheel covers will ship? I ordered (and paid) Mar 30th.
  17. Surprised at lack of interest at Superchargers

    The amount of attention, my cyber truck draws is dumbfounding. I mean, Walmart, Walgreens, target, the highway, picking my kids up. Just existing usually draws tons of questions and attention and constant people. But, I’ve been really shocked that when I go to a supercharger nobody gets out of...
  18. New: Official Tesla Cybertruck Front Trunk L-Track + Cargo Net -- $85

    Mine came yesterday and I installed it. Confirmed there is no bag included just the net and two L track rail pieces. I swear when I ordered it, the description of the product said that it specifically included a bag. Now I looked again and it looks like they removed that from the list of things...
  19. NJ CT Meetup

    I fascinated to see who turns up. I saw on twitter that someone rented a Cybertruck on Turo to come with. We should have printed up t shirts! I also saw on twitter than the guy who runs an NJ Tesla club was mentioning it to his 6k members. We could be raided by the eb police for not having a...