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  1. Sasmania

    Can anyone confirm the Power Outlets in the bed work while driving?

    I don't see why not, but haven't seen any confirmation as such. Use case: Me - Plowing snow, also carrying an Ego Battery Snow Blower and charging the batteries between properties or while plowing. Landscaping Companies - Charging tools between clients... Charging the mythical...
  2. Sasmania

    Why CyberTruck will be the BEST Truck for Plowing Snow

    I'm super excited about the CyberTruck for MANY reasons... but one of them is just how awesome this truck will be at plowing snow. For context, I'm "that guy" who now plows snow with my Tesla Model Y with a backward plow in the tow hitch. I have Nokian snow tires coupled with the Tesla traction...
  3. Sasmania

    Towing & Charging - What's the plan Tesla? Share MegaChargers with Semis? Front Charge Port?

    I'm sure many of you are wondering how Tesla is going to handle Towing & Charging once a million CyberTrucks are on the road. As it stands now, very few Superchargers offer a good solution. Lots of SCs don't have any towing slots, some only have 1 slot. As we know, when towing you will have...
  4. Sasmania

    Is Elon being very conservative with TRI-motor 0-60 times? Is 2.5 possible?

    If we look at the Tesla Model X for comparison, it weighs about 5500 LBS and the Dual Motor Ludicrous version does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. The CT will probably be the same or certainly a bit heavier....but also have TRI motor Plaid "Alien Technology" built into it. Aerodynamically, the CT can't...