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  1. cyberwulf

    REAL reservation numbers are...?

    This lifted from Motortrend article, if its true, then IF current production capacity is 125k per year AND Tesla will "soon sell out what it can build in 2024” my math suggests there are not 1 million reservations :unsure: or only 1 in 8 are converting to orders The Texas plant currently has...
  2. cyberwulf

    Do we have a list of options/add ons?

    I am unable to locate either a configurator or add ons etc. What features are included with the Dual and Tri? and what are now options? examples :- 4 wheel steer air suspension (with compressor?) no ramp no pre installed light bar etc
  3. cyberwulf

    Is the light bar in now?

    It was and then it wasn’t…. On Tesla .com it shows one lit up
  4. cyberwulf

    Five years to fulfill all current orders? Nooooo!

    Opinions? As this is all (presumably) speculation, if dual motor config is 50% is it likely those will be first?
  5. cyberwulf

    Order of delivery -- will it be by reservation date?

    Just curious if anyone knows, or "has an idea" my pre order was in near the begining, for a dual motor. Are they going to manufacture/deliver by date of pre order? Or build/sell one model then another? thanks