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  1. restyle

    Get your own Bendable Laser cut Cybertruck Model

    Just seen the latest video from JerryRigEverything where amongst other things, he laser cuts a CT model ready for bending & offers up the design for anyone who wants one - Jump to 2m55s in the Video, or just watch it all for some pretty cool laser cutting
  2. restyle

    Cashing in on the "Cyber" name - Meet the MG CYBERSTER

    MG released some new images of its Cyberster concept today - Love the car, but hate the name! But hey - Its even got a YOKE steering wheel - gotta love that :cool:
  3. restyle

    Over-the-air updates & Insurance

    A general question for insurance on cars that have o-t-a updates:- So you buy the car - get the best insurance quote based on that particular car's spec - sorted! So then what happens when one day you've have an "over the air update" that's increased the performance by say 10% - Do you now...
  4. restyle

    Elon visits Bristol UK to look for new GigaFactory Site - European Cybertruck maybe?

    Saw in the news over the weekend that Elon flew over to the UK last week to check out potential sites for a new gigafactory. Rumours first emerged that the UK government’s Department of International Trade had recently been on the lookout for a 4 million sq ft commercial premises - and an old...